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last day of work

I want to apply for disability I have many physical problems and just can't work anymore. Knowing that they turn you down twice, I am afraid to stop working because I have no other income. How do you get by until they approve you? When should be the last day I work? I have diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis c, neuropathy, and need a carotidectomy. Please help?
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Hi, I applied for SSDI almost 4 mos. ago and expec to hear something soon.  I have been lucky that I have stayed with various family members.  I appled and received emergency food stamps the same day because I had no income.  Since I am responsible for buying my own food  I received $200/mo.  My pdoc signed a letter stating my status and that he expected to last a minimum of 6 mos.  Once I pass 6 mos.I can get another letter and go thru the process again.  I also get free meds and p-doc thru state funded mental health clinc.  You can work while you are waiting for a reply but you can not earn over $900 mo.  

My sister had to go on welfare when she applied.  They pay for your bills, etc. rent, elec., water etc. They paid for all living expenses except for $25.00.a month.
Their are churches that will pay bill or medication at least once.  Luckily I have not been sick in need of a physican but where I live their is a county hospital to go to for free med. care.  
There is the USDA commodity Distribution Program that if you call you will be referred to a pantry that will give you free meat, cheese, etc.  Most of the churches will donate a few groceries once a month.
FYI...if you receive SSDI, you have to wait 2 yrs. to get on medicare.  If you donote mind me asking your age?  I have friend that is 50 yrs. old and has Hepitius C, Osteoarthritis and is Biopolar and an enlarged heart.  She has been turned down twice.  I hear if you are over 55 it is easier to get accepted.  If you are turned down you can hire a disability laywer that works off 25% back pay (from day you apply till day you are approved).  I hear in some states you can hire a lawyer from day one but inTexas you have to be turned down once to hire laywer.  Iwill hire Allsup as i spoke with them this week and they claim they win 98% of their cases.It usually takes 90-120 to receive a decision the first time and usually 3-4 wks for anwer to your appeal.  I believe you can appeal 2 times?  and then you have t go thru judge and the backlog can be 1-2 yrs...but if approved you will get back pay going back to the day you apply.  You can go to www.ssa.gov and apply on line and it gives you info on what you can apply on and the requirements to be accepted on each reason you are disabled.  I have hepitius active in my body but did not know you could apply on Hep. so I only applied on my cardiomyopathy and Bipolar I.  I had to see one of their shrinks for a mental exam.  I hear 70% are turned down the first time so I will appeal thrup Allsup b/c they were highly recommended.  Good Luck
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I just wanted to share my story/experience with SSDI as it is very different than the typical horror stories that you usually hear about when it comes to SSDI.  I was approved for SSDI at the age of 30.  I'm 34 now so I'm also on Medicare.  It only took 4 months for me to get an approval and this was on my first application - no appeals or attorneys necessary at all.  I'm on SSDI for major depression.  One option you can utilize for income while waiting/applying for SSDI is State Disability.  I live in California so I'm not sure how it works in other states, but in CA you can be on State Disability for a period of up to 12 months.  You will of course need a doctor to fill out some forms stating that you are unable to work at this time due to your disability, but the overall process for applying for State Disability is far less complicated than the SSDI process.  Good luck with everything - let me know if you have any questions!
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