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Pause/Delay while Starting words while Speaking?


From last few months , i am facing a very weird speech problem which i had never faced before in my life. Just to give you my background...i wanted to learn singing for fun and also to improve my voice as it sounds a little horse and raspy. Few months ago , I bought a singing program on the internet and started to practice scales and vocal warm up exercises like Humming , Lip trills, tongue trills etc day in and day out. I did those exercises rashly for hours, without thinking about my vocal health.  After doing them for two months...i started to face vocal problems, like these:-

-> I face difficulty in speaking certain words like vowels a, e, i , o, u. For example....i want to say 'Indispensable'...i will put too much effort and i will say..."i -i -i -i -dispensible" and so on. I never had stuttering/stammering in my life.

-> I think that i might have damaged my vocal cords permanently and that i can never recover.

-> I fell very difficult to start word staring from letter 'i , a etc.

-> My voice pitch has become very low and people often complain that they can hear what i am saying.

-> I feel a lot of anxiety while talking to people.... as i feel i will again get stuck and words will not come out.

Please give me any advice/suggestion to eliminate this naturally. I haven't been a doctor, as first i want to cure it on my own, if possible.

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