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Help me understand MRI Findings

My cervical mri findings were Early c4-6 left eccenteric endplate spurring, and slight left c5-6 lateral recess stenosis.
My Lumbar MRI Findings were Mild Facet Hypertrophy lumbosacral junction

I have severe pain in my neck and shoulder and am wondering what my options are. Is there anyone else out there dealing with this? It has effected my ability to work.
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With mild disc disease, conservative treatments like NSAID medications and physical therapy can help your neck pain a great deal.

You must also learn to live with a problem neck -- how to sleep without pinching nerves, using your waist to twist, etc. Strengthening the neck muscles, through swimming, is sometimes recommended.

What does your doctor say?
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  Hi  and welcome to  the  Spinal Cord C/D  forum.

  Having  spurring (excess  bone building  up )  in  an area  of  stenosis  is not  good...and as philnoir  mentioned NSADS  and  PT may  be  suggested.

   They  may  tell  you  to  be  more  aware of posture and  they  way  you  hold your body  while doing certain  tasks/activities......

If the  conservative  treatments  do  not help  surgery  could end  up  being an  option...but  at  this  point  I  would not entertain  that  until all other possibilities are tried.    I am also interested  in  what  your  Dr  has  suggested,.
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I have been referred to a Nuerologist and also to a nuero surgeon. I was already doing PT and taking a pain medication. They put my neck in traction about a week ago and the pain was so severe I literally laid in bed for two days in tears. I have to go see the specialists in the next couple of weeks. I am 29 and they said that these things are kind of early in someone my age with no previous injury. I am very nervous about all of this actually because surgery is not exactly something I am wanting to do. I am however having some issues with balance and pain in the tops of my thighs and some weird sensations. They are saying that this can be because of the stenosis.
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I have replied below:)
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   Hi,  I  know  how  you  feel,  I  was  27  when  told  I  had  DDD,  not  a  DX  you  expect  at  that  age,  but I have learned  since that I  also  have  a connective tissue disorder that contributed  to  my  disk/spine  issues....ask that  they check  you  for  Ehlers-Danlos  as  it  is  a possibility even  if  you  do  not  feel  you   fit  criteria  as I  was  sure  I  did  not have  it and  I  was DX  with the  hyper-mobility type  which was in  part my  reason I  felt  no way was this  me,,...so,  regardless of what you  feel may  be  you,  have it  ruled out  medically  to  be  sure.

  And by  all means,  look  into  your  families medical  history as  you may   find  clues  there  as  to  what  may be  going  on too,.

  Good luck  and keep  us posted on what  you find  out.
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As in all fields, there are good and not so good practitioners of PT.

People with cervical disc disease always end up on "the rack" but traction is rarely an effective treatment option, especially early on when you're experiencing a lot of muscle pain from inflammation.

Tell your PT that traction is too painful for you at this time. It is your right to refuse any modality that is painful.

With any traumatic injury including cervical disease with pain, the body's response is inflammation, the purpose of which is to splint the painful area, i.e., reduce mobility so that healing can occur. PT works to reduce inflammation and increase range of motion, but there's an art to timing this process.

Years ago, we used a soft collar for people with cervical disease (I'm one of them). Today, its use has fallen out of fashion and I'm not sure that's a good idea for everyone.

When I was experiencing sharp acute pain of early cervical disease, the soft collar helped me a great deal. I prevented me from aggravating sore neck muscles, and kept my neck warm.

Even today, some 30 years later, with my lower cervical discs completely dessicated, I experience neck pain and use my soft collar for a day or so. I find it quite useful in reducing muscle pain in my neck.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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