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Injury from a fall

was reading through my mri's and decoading what it says; C3C4, retrolisthesis 1 to 2 mm discs moving rearward,

C6, C7 anterolisthesis 2 mm discs moving foreword caused by an injury, I also have ddd, all sections of my spine, to the coarse that my ortho wants to do a fusion and dislectomy,,
has anyone ever had this and what coarse of action did you take, why, and what would you do different, thanks
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  Hi and welcome to the Spinal Cord C/D forum.

I have not had ne surgery on my disks....I do have a few that r bulging... whether it is a forward moving or backward moving disk I am not sure, all I know is the issues it creates.

My disks shift more easily bcuz I have ehlers-danlos it is a connective tissue disorder that affects the joints....

Do u know if u have nething like this ?

We all will have DDD it is the natural breakdown of the spine as we age, however some have more breakdown then others...and it can result from other underlying issues....

Have u tried PT?
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pt ?

my neck is the worst, the doc wants to do fusion, but not sure I want to go there yet, I was living with the ddd until I fell then all hell broke lose,
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  PT = Physical therapy

Have u looked into a Chiropractor? Not sure this would be better or worse for u, but there r good and bad ones in all fields,...research and find one that will review all ur MRI's and xrays b4 touching u....

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yes done pt, I have went to chiropractors most my life, they can,t fix ddd, a few years ago one of them told me there wasn't much they could do with my neck, and when I fell, that did my neck in, the surgeon I have seen wants to do surgery first thing, he wants to bypass shots, because he said it wouldn't do much good, his opinion
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  I know a chiro can not fix it, but they can realign it so it may take some pain away, as with nething there r some that r better then others....

U need to go with ur gut, if u feel this Dr si doing what is right for u and u r comfortable with it, then that is what u should do, if not, find another Dr and get another opinion....
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never sure about surgery, but read a lot of pros cons, luck is hardly ever on my side, still contemplating, the mri I doesn't look good, and I know I have had ddd for a long time, my last chiro said it wouldnt be long till I was in trouble with my neck, I just didn't have any issue until I fell, then all hell broke lose, feeling very discouraged with the pain, and how Iam going to function, I have always had issues with my lower back, never upper spine, I am 55 and cont do my job anymore, I have permanent restrictions with my shoulder
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  Surgery is never an easy decision......and is not always the road to less pain, it is hard to know if u have the best Dr and r making the right choice...all u can do is  educate urself on ur condition and the Drs that treat it meet a few, then go with ur gut....
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