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Looking for Clinical Trial for spine

I'm looking for clinical trial that uses patients own stem cells for herniated/torn discs ASAP.

I've been suffering in pain a very long time, too long, and sometimes it is even uncomfortable to breathe.

I've lost everything since this started over 12 years ago and haven't been able to get proper medical care because of poor insurance and subsequent poor finances (lost everything from this - finances, friends, pets, ability to walk/sit/stand for long time, etc.).  Some good docs will take my Medicare but not Medicaid and I can't afford out-of-pocket expense anymore, and they won't waive co-pays.  Medicare and Medicaid won't cover stem cell therapies at all so I am looking for clinical trials.

I am desperate for relief.  I've already tried "clinicaltrials.gov" and was unable to locate anything even though I know they are out there (was not even able to find the recently closed U.C. Davis study), so I must be doing something wrong in my search.

Please help me.  I'm in my early 40's and running out of time if I want to recover and have any semblance of a life left before age prevents doing anything (even if the procedure works, it will take me over a year to undo the consequential damage, ie: atrophy, etc.)

I'm in NY at the moment, NYC.  If you have any info at all, please let me know ASAP.


Thank you very much.
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  Hi...not knowing what is ur DX I do not know what type of trial u need, here is a link to Clinical trials they do at NIH in Baltimore , MD....some are done in different states too...so use this link to get to the list and then look for the current trials for what u need.Ignore that the link is for Chiari, u can get to see an updated list of diff trials.


Good Luck.
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The DX is herniated discs with annular tears at L2-L5 and T11-T12.
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  Ok...thanks, u should be able to locate a trial for that....Have u been tested for Ehlers-Danlos?
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Never heard of that.  

I know there are trials out there, but I can't find them.  Even when I went to clinical trials.gov I couldn't even find the now closed trial U.C. Davis was doing, so I'm doing something wrong in my searches.  Thats why I asked for help.
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Btw, I don't fit the symptoms for Ehlers-Danlos...
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  Which symptoms of EDS did u look at as there r many types of EDS< but the ones u find most of the time is for the hypermobility type which I also looked at and said I do not fit that, and I was wrong, this is y I say get checked  as u never know...I know  I didn't...lol

I will see if I can locate ne trials coming up for u....
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I have been looking for a trial with the criteria u mentioned and I could not locate one either...or yet...I will continue to look and see what I can find.
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