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May i please get some extra opinions? Lower back, testicular pain, numbness

So Sunday morning around 2am I had a very intense cramp like stabbing pain that traveled down to my abdomen, and immediately began feeling pain in my abdomen and right testicle. I thought maybe a hernia at first but there are no lumps, and I tested negative. I should mention I did go to the hospital, here’s what they tested for.

Torsion: negative
Kidney Stone: negative
CT Scan appendicitis: negative

Went to my primary care physician the next day and we did more tests. Throughout the day the passive pain became a little worse, still had intermittent spikes of stabbing testicular / abdominal pain, but also had now noticed a lot of pressure and pain in my lower back near my right kidney. Our biggest concern was “Cuada Equina syndrome” due to the numbness in my right leg increasing and testicular / lower back pain.

We ordered an MRI, and Ultrasound but immediately did another blood test, two urine sample tests, and an injection assuming treatment for “Epidimytis” just in case.

Ultrasound: negative but some fluid and vein build up on both sides of the scrotum. Ruled out Epidimytis. Negative

Urine Chlamydia: negative
Urine Culture: negative

MRI: Small Herniated Disc on L5-S1 minor endplate irregularity, edema and schmoral’s node centered. Portions of lower thoracic spine demonstrates mild focal kyphosis at T11 - T12. very small disc bulge here as well, the combination barely indents the ventral spinal cord without significant foraminal narrowing. L5-S1 mild disc desiccation. Small right paracentral disc protrusion, mildly contacting and displacing the right L5 nerve root in the foramen.

Doctor discussed results and told me that there is nothing to worry about. Which is fine. She is an amazing doctor, however the symptoms have been getting worse. I’ve been keeping them informed but there seems to be no concern. The numbness in my right leg has increased and become slightly weak, the testicular discomfort has increased, still having intermittent pain. The lower right back hurts still but feels like there is now a lot more pressure on it. Occasionally the intermittent testicle pain is pretty bad, still experiencing intermittent abdominal pain as well.

Any thoughts ? I just want to make sure I’ve done all the research I possibly can before just sitting it out and waiting.

Thank you !
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