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More Surgery?

I had a spinal fusion done 12/12 on L4-S1.  Now the screws have come loose in L4 and bone growth is not happening.  I have been placed on a bone growth stimulator.  But now my surgeon wants to go back in and put bigger screw in L4 from the back then he wants to go in through the front and put in a plate covering all three vertebrae.  What would happen if I don't do this second surgery?  Do I really need this?  I am in pain but it is something I have come to live with because none of the pain meds work on nerve pain and I can't take Lyrica or Norontin.  Please help.
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  Hi and welcome to the Spinal Cord C/D forum.

May I ask what u r taking for pain ...many pain meds can inhibit bone growth and  repair....so u may want to look at what u r taking...even some OTC meds may impede healing.

  Loose screws can only continue to cause u more issues...so I would imagine u need something done...if u do not trust the decision of ur Dr , try and get another opinion....
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This happened to me after a car accident.  It shifted my screws and plate.  It wasn't where the Dr.  Put it.  I too had to have surgery.  First, it was unstable and with one good it, you could become paralized.  Not worth it.  Second, it could shift and cut into your spinal cord.  Simple, better safe than sorry.  Why take the risk.  
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