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I'm curious if anyone here has been Dx'd with cervical myelopathy. I've had 2 previous neruo flare ups involving the 6th cranial nerve - last episode 1 year ago - and woke up 3 weeks ago thinking my right hand had fallen asleep. After 4 days i saw a GP who Dx'd carpal tunnel syndrome; however, the partial numbness spread to my entire palm, all 5 fingers, and eventually has impacted me in a variety of ways from my head to my toes...only on the right side of my body. Examples of constant symptoms:

- over-sensitivity from my jawline to my neck with painful itching
- difficulty using fingers for fine motor skills (writing, typing, zippers, buttons, etc.)
- fatigue in my right shoulder
- pins and needles down top of right thigh when i walk (esp stairs) and easily fatigued
- big toe and 2nd toe and ball of foot partially numb
- fingertips hypersensitive to cold - typing and holding mouse creates a frozen burn sensation
- right forearm almost painfully sensitive to light touch

My MRIs from a year ago showed mild cervical spondylosis from C3-C5 and the radiologist notes that the other findings are "most consistent with cervical demyelinating disease." My current neuro is looking for MS or partial Myelitis. I'm suspecting spinal cord compression from the spondylosis.

Curious if anyone can relate to an overnight maelstrom of symptoms like this that don't go away. Any happy ending stories (clears up on its own, successful conservative therapy)? Any advice for questions that I should be asking? Is a neurologist the right type of doctor or would an orthopedist be better?

I'm frustrated and really worried about the potential for permanent damage or increased severity of symptoms.
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  Hi and welcome to the Spinal Cord C/D forum.

The DX of myelopathy is compression of the nerves in the cervical spine (neck) these nerves will cause symptoms like you mentioned.....

May I ask , did you have an injury to your neck area?

Since your Dr is looking at demeylinating as a possibility did they do a LP on you yet?

Many people can relate to symptoms seeming to pop up over night and worsen at fast rates....but I am sure with closer examination you may find you had symptoms sooner then that and they may have come and gone so you forgot about them.....it is only when they change and do not leave we take notice.

  A NL is a Dr that DX's what is going on....an orthopedist is a surgeon....who works on bones....it is possible you need a neurosurgeon....until you have more testing it is hard to say.

Keep us posted on what you find out.
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Thank you for your reply. I had a LP last week and brain/cervical MRIs (w and wo contrast today). I guess we will see what shows up this time (this is my 3rd brain scan and 2nd for neck).

I was in a rollover accident 14 years ago and treated for whiplash. Otherwise, I have no spine damage (familial history of degeneration, however).

I'm anxious to know what is going on and to try to regain full functionality in my hand. I am absolutely worn out feeling like 1/2 my body doesn't work!
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  Did you have the whip lash treated? Whip lash can change the lordosis of the cervical spine and cause a lot of neck and shoulder pain....I know I had it and it can be helped with PT.

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The whiplash was treated by an ER doc w a week of intensive muscle relaxants. I have minimal neck and shoulder pain - mostly I think it is from using my right arm/hand in a weird way.

I picked up my LP results so I could try to absorb the information in advance of my next neuro appointment. Unfortunately there are a lot of Oligoclonal bands seen (no banding in the serum), a very high IgG Index and and Rate + high WBCs in the CSF. Inflammation is a definite - I'm hoping the MRIs will provide clarity around what is causing it and therefore how we treat it. My right hand and arm are becoming so frustrating to me. I am in a constant state of feeling like my hand is on something vibrating and have noticed disassociation becoming worse as well as contractions where my pinky and ring finger meet the hand. Next Tuesday cannot come fast enough!

Thank you for your responses. I feel incredibly alone on this journey as I am trying not to worry my husband and am keeping things pretty quiet with the rest if family, friends and colleagues until I have more information. It is nice to just be able to discuss symptoms and learn from others.
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  No worries.just wish I could have been of more help....I too have had tremors in my arms and hands,,,,,and very strange numbness,,,,for me most of it is now a thing of the past as my surgery helped with many of my symptoms....I am not free and clear...but doing better...and I pray that for you too.

I know the bands can indicate MS....prayers to you for answers and relief.

And hoping it is not MS <3

Please let me know what you find out.

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