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i need help understanding my finding of an x ray done on my neck .

i have had pain and numbness in my right arm for about 10 years now . My doctor said it is because of my larger then normal size of breasts and i was almost 220 lbs. i have lost 80 lbs and my breasts are only a size 34 d now. i am 5foot 8 inches and 42 years old. The pain and numbness is still the same so he sent me to PT.  i went to PT for it and they asked my doctor to do a mri because they think it all is dew to a neck problem. i have always had neck pain but just thought it was because of my larger then normal breasts. so my doctor had  x Rays done . in the report from the person who did the x ray  this is what it said word for word.
X Ray Findings are
"straightening of the cervical lordosis . 2mm retrolisthesis of C5 on C6 with mild narrowing of the C5-C6 interspace."
when i talked with my doctor he said i have arthritis and it is nothing to worry about. but i have limited strength and still no reflexes in my right arm. it is also numb all the time and hurts pretty bad. my sleep is really interrupted from this . any answers you can provide would be very much appreciated if possible i will add the x ray images if i can find out how to do so .
i am confused as my PT said that something must be done about this because i could lose use of my arm if not . to be truthful i am scared .

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This was your primary doctor that told you this?
If I were you, I would see a board certified spine surgeon. That does NOT MEAN you need surgery, but anytime you have nerve related symptoms coming from the spine, the best option to determine what needs to be done is a spine surgeon, who specializes in the anatomy, and nerve involvement.
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