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Happy New Year, Earth

Today is the first day of Rosh HaShannah, the Jewish New Year, the beginning of a 10 day period of contemplation leading up to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.,

It is our tradition that this time of the year is also the anniversary of Creation (That was actually last Saturday). So it's the Birthday of the Earth.

It is also our believe that during these 10 days, we are not praying for just OUR sins, but the sins of the world. When we say prayers that list our sins (There is one that is just an alphabetically list of possible sins, and we beat our chest with our fist for each one) the grammatical form is "OUR sin" not "MY sin" In Hebrew, adding one syllable to a noun makes it the possessive. "NU" is OURS" and all of the sins we confess to, over and over again, end with "NU".

There are two traditional things to say at this time of the year.

"If I have said or done anything to offend you in the last year, i ask your forgiveness" The Holy One can forgive us religious sins, but not transgressions against people. That must be cleared up here on Earth .

The traditional greeting is "May you be written in the Book of Life for a Good Year."

May you all be written in the Book of Good Life for a Good Year of health, happiness and prosperity.
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sins belong to you and your soul and no matter what religion you are you talk to the angles spirit as to what  sin you feel you committed, they will put you on the right path. Making sure that you pay for your error as you go along the path .
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What I meant by "religious sin" was breaking one of the 613 commandment in the Five Books of Moses. Of course, since a large number of them have to do with Priestly Worship in the Holy Temple, those are now considered moot except fro the ones that the ancient Rabbis came up with alternatives for.  Basically, sins against G*d, and the Community.
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What is a religious sin?

I do like that the Jewish people ask forgiveness of the one they harmed...Just curious about the other type of sin.
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Happy New Year
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