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Last days?

2012  okay so the the real qeustion is what will you be doing on this date.

So lets break this up

1. Do you believe they are all right and some event is going to happen?

2. What do you think will happen

3. What will you be doing in that last day.
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1. I do believe something will happen

2.I'm not sure it will be the end or if the world will change but what i do know is the crime rate will sky rocket people will riot and it will be the end for many people. People will be doing horride things and then there will be people who go about there somewhat normal day and even then there will be people who pray endlessly to repent or whatever.

3. What will i be doing well only god knows. Knowing me ill baracade myself somewhere and hold a gun to defend my home and those i care for. Beyound that i dont know perhaps me and my whole family will gather and be together for one last time or for another time lol who knows
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I need to think this through.  I haven't taken it as seriously as others.  

It is a good question :-)))
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From my understanding the Mayan's calender ends in 2012, right? Is that why everyone is so worried about that date? I do believe we are in "End Times" but I don't believe the Lord will return in 2012. Why? It's too obvious, everyone is expecting it then. God can't be put in a box.
Remember when everyone was afraid of what would happen when the year 2000 happened? We thought all our computers would crash and airplanes wouldn't be able to fly. Many people thought that would the the end of the world.

Since I'm a Christian and place my trust in the Lord, I'd have to say I'm not going to worry about that date or any date. I believe I won't go before my time and in a way I'd love for the Lord to hurry up and come back. This world has gotten so evil and I get weary of all the pain, sadness and evil sometimes. I look forward to fully basking in the Lord's presence and peace. However, I also would like to have the oppotunity to grow more in my faith and do more of God's work before He comes back.

There's a link on the post about End Times in the Blood of Christ community you all might find fascinating. It's called Daniel's Timeline.
I do find all of this interesting.
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Well take your time lol.


I ask this question because i find it an interesting idea. Its true nothing may happen but i think there are people out there who do believe in this and i wander what people will do on this day.


well there was a less popular end date were people were saying the world would end in 7/07/07

Since mankind began we spoke of a end. So it not unlikly that a day will just move on. But there are some reather interesting talks of this day

December 21 2012

But even if it seems so simple. Some times things are just that its not an impossible idea. Perhpaps we will end ourselves on that date do to mass panic. Or maybe the day will go by just like all the other. Perhaps the world will never end or change with out our decision.
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The world isn't going to end on 2012. It will end one day, sooner or later, but know one knows the date or the time it will happen, that's why we have to be prepared.
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