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healing hands

has anybody experienced  the comfort of touch and its power to help?
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I've just experienced long distance Reiki that was preformed for my neck a week or so ago.  I did see an angel near when it happened.  I felt better for a few days and now I'm back to where I was before.  I must of over did things.  I personally wouldn't pay for someone to do this.  I would love to dip in some healing waters, but they are so far away.  Jesus was a magnificent healer that healed with his hands.  
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Reiki, Pranic healing and therapeutic touch does some good, if one is open-minded. Even one can try one’s own hands to cure any ailment.
Rub your hands till they are warm and put these hands on the part of the body which is ailing. While rubbing your hands, if you compress lower abdomen and the whole pelvic floor more energy is created and it will be more effective.
If you know the energy centers of the body you can put your hands on your evtres. There are Root center , navel centre, heart centre, throat centre, eyebrow centre, and crown cente. You can find the details in any yoga sites.
Putting your warm hands on the ailing part and visualizing the the part is healing will give a definite relief.
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I hope to learn more about Reiki as time permits :-))
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