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Is this a serious injury and can I play again soon?


I'm a soccer player and I usually run every day. Two weeks ago a guy slipped and ran into the back of my knee. I've been icing my knee and taking ibuprofen for about 2 weeks without running to make sure my knee heals.  2 days ago I could start running but my legs feel week.  Will that go away by just frequently running again to regain my muscles?  The pain is on the outer part of my knee on the side below the joint. When I first got injured, the pain would occur when walking, going up stairs, and bending my leg but it got better each day and now that pretty much doesn't happen anymore when I do those things. Because of that I attempted to play soccer again yesterday but each time I kicked the ball the pain would reappear. I immediately stoped playing because I didn't want to make the problem worse. I can walk normally after it. It's just really painful when kicking the ball. What kind of problem do you think I have based on my description? Should I just take it easy for a few more days and not play at all or do my muscles and parts of my knee just need to get used to the motion of kicking a soccer ball again? I don't have insurance since I'm 27 and unemployed so I'm really hoping that this injury isn't that bad and I can recover sooner than later without having to see a doctor. Thanks for the help!  
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