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stem cell transplant

I am about to take my son to Germany for an autologous stem cell transplant. The hospital will take his own bone marrow and then extract his stem cell from there.  They will then place them directly into his spinal column via a LP.  This seem the safest of all the places that do stem cell transplant throughout the world.  I have not found any negative feedback from this type of procedure, so i wanted to see if anyone had heard of this or has done it.
If anyone has any insight on this please write back.  
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Hi, I am extremely interested in stem cell treatment as well and we researched the centre in germany but unfortunately we are not quite in the financial position to do this.  When you have the treatment done would you please please post how it went
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I'm sorry, I'm afraid I have no answers for you, I'm not very knowledgable on stem cell treatments but I would also love to know how it goes. I've got mild right spastic hemiplegia/paralysis cerebral palsy, born with it (abruptio placenta). I haven't ever heard whether or not stem cell treatments works for CP, I've heard that it might but beyond that I've heard nothing concrete about it yet. Just the idea of it is fascinating for me from a medical/scientific standpoint but I've also got a personal interest in it as well.  I'm hoping it can, it'd be nice to know there's a cure for us out there. I do hope you'll post the results, good or bad. I'm sure that I'm not the only CP sufferer who would also like to know. I hope it goes well for your son. Good luck.
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from what i understand cord blood helps children with the condition. i really hope that one day i can at least improve my condition via stem cells. i think i speak for all of us with cp when i say that the idea of a normal life is heaven. I am very worried that the stem cell treatments will be focused only on children and that my 24 years of age is just right outside the ages of public interest for a cure or an improvement for the condition.
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there is hope... i hear cord blood has helped a lot of children... even those that are not toddlers. the stories i have read were about their own cord blood.. so i do not know if another person's cord blood would be effective.
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I think there will be help one day. I will make sure to write about our trip when we get back. G-d willing.
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Hi, I have been researching stem cell treatments (my 2 year old has right hemiplegia due to an in utero stroke). I agree that the hospital in Germany sounds the safest and makes the most sense. Did you already bring your son? If so, have you noticed any improvement? If you have any information about the center (good or bad), please let me know. Thanks!
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HI,im amal from saudi arabia, i have a sone with cerebral pulsy due to severe preterm  was burn at 27 weeks gestationa lage,i would like to have more khnawledge about it ,pleaase
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i have a grandaughter who has had one stem cell treatment and has shown noticable improvement in her sight. she had it done in Mexico by American doctors. it cost her mom 20;000 usd and they can not afford for her to have another. I have been searching every where for financial help but can't find none. If anyone has any ideas for me please write me back. Sad grandma
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Hi I have a seven year old son wit cp
I have recently heard of this stem cell research.I am 33 weeks pregnant and have been looking in to banking the new babys cord blood but also not in a financial situation to do this.  If anyone knows of websites with more information iwould appreciate info. Thank u

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I have a 3 years old down syndrome son. I heard that stem cell improves there abilities.
Did any one tried it?

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I recently had stem cell therapy for my heart disease. I had the procedure at the regeneration center in Thailand by an highly regarded cardiologist using cord blood cells. The treatment took about two weeks and finished on March 5th, 2015. It's only been 7 months but so far am happy to report good results. My EF has improved about 18% and I’m able to walk around much easier and get in and out of my couch without much effort which is something that was really difficult for be to do before.  I feel stronger and more positive and wish i would have done it sooner. Its a shame i can't get this in done in Montana and have to travel around the world to get better but this is the world we live in today.  Its also not cheap but if you can afford it and know the possible ups and downs then by all means go for it.
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