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withdraw symptom count down?

Im back its been. nearly a yea and I started messing around with those stupid pills again. I have been on norco 10/325 foe about 6 months about 4-5 a day .  now Im 2 days off. The familiar feeling . Will the withdraw symptoms pass fasten as I was on them for a few years the first time nad now as I said clean for a year and then bad for about the last 6 months. Night leg aches and cold flashes my skin hurts and the beloved Poops....Not to mention I am sweaty as hell. Hot showers like 7 times a day..... I feel like a fool any words of encouragement?
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Hi Alaska!!!  I just joined this group and I see it's been awhile since you posted this.  I hope you are doing better than you had been at the time you wrote this.  If not that's okay.  Getting off pills or any other substance can be tough.  I used to drink, smoke pot, do speed and take pills.  I even stopped smoking cigarettes.  The biggest thing I had to learn before I could something down was that I couldn't do it alone.  I needed someone who had been there and done that to guide me through it.  Sometimes words don't cut for us.  I had to have someone there to give me an "attaboy" or just sit quietly with me till the urges passed.  I hope this helps.  Where ever you're at give life a chance.  Keep on trying!!!!
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