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Is this stomach cancer? Is this pregnancy? what does this mean?

Hi I am 13 years old. My stomach has been feeling really weird lately. Here is what I have/feel ... gas, conctipation, nausea, sore breast, cramps on the stomach but no period, heartburns, stomach burns, blurry vision/ feeling dizzy every time I get up, depressed a lot, my stomach looks bigger at the bottom and decreased appetite.. what does all this mean ? I have I line that goes to my belly button and down, I've heard only pregnant people have this .. is that true? It seems as if I'm pregnant but I never really been sexually active and never had a boyfriend. I've only masterbated ( a lot of times) there was some times when I masterbated naked and with clothing on. But that's it. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy so I do think that I can be because of the symptoms but I don't recall being near a boy who could have gotten sperm in my vagina. I do have some symptoms of stomach cancer though... ( listed above) my stomach feels hard and heavy and full ALL the time.
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Hello Kaykayr,

I can tell you with certainty that you must have intercourse with a boy in order to get pregnant. If you have never had intercourse (sex) with a boy, you cannot get pregnant. What you should do, is see your doctor. Very important that you do. Could be anything from a food allergy, to a hereditary condition, which means something that can run in your family. If you are honestly not having complete sex with a boy, you are NOT pregnant. Most times cancer will not show symptoms until an advanced stage. But you should get checked out by the doc. Hope you feel better!!
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