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gerd, gastritis, ibs or cancer

Hi, im 34 years old male , 6'2" and 195 lbs. i have increased belching and gurgling stomach (especially when i first wake up) for about 5 months and lots of undigested vegetables in my stool (this symptom ive had for years). Ive lost about 15 lbs during this time. I was on aciphex for years because of gerd but was switched to dexilant for gastritis. Ive recently stopped taking the dexilant and am trying bentyl 4x a day but so far no changes. i am very regular with my bowel movements (once a day) so i dont see how it could be ibs. these are the tests i have done so far: chest xrays (normal), ekg, cbc, liver and pancreas enzyme blood tests (all normal), upper gi series (showed some thickening of rugal folds), upper endoscopy with biopsy (mild gastritis and gerd, negative on celiac and h pylori), gallbladder ultrasound (normal), ct scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast (normal), colonoscopy (normal) and hida scan with cck (normal). I do have health anxietys and am currently in therapy and taking vybrid for anxiety. Im curious why i never seem to digest vegetable type matter, seeds and nuts. I guess my question could all of this just be a combination of gerd slight ibs and high levels of stress and anxiety. with all of these tests wouldnt they have seen if something serious was causing my symptoms? I worry about some type of cancer, but if cancer was causing symptoms wouldnt some test have seen it? Thank you
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Hi there!

Vegetable type matter and seeds are normally non-digestible by the human digestive tract and the associated enzymes; however these may partially be broken down under the effect of normal bacteria present in the gut. With normal GI series and biopsies, there is no reason for cancer to be suspected in the situation.
Hope this information helps.

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my gastroenterologist is the one who ordered or performed most of my tests. the thing about the ibs part that throws me is i am very regular. i go once a day in the morning like 98% of the time. im not constipated nor do i have diareah. sometimes my stool floats but then slowly sinks. is it easy to tell the difference between stools that float because of gas and those because of fat? what else is there to have in the form of tests? i feel like ive done it all. i have no history of gastric cancer, not anemic, never had h pylori or polyps in stomach or colon. Also i recently started to put the weight ive lost back on. i assume this is a good sign.
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