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lymphoma of the stomach?? or malt Lymphoma??

Hi! I am 62 years old female---------2 years ago had routine endoscopy and colonoscopy-----the endoscopy came back saying i had lymphoma of the stomach--------doc. said it was very very read and very very lumpy bumpy! So, more biopsys done and said i had the marking for it---------but, dont have it now............so been checked every 6 months-------last one said biopys are benign--------------but----------i have lymphatic cells in that area...............so, i just finished 2 weeks of Prevpack------high antibiotics to treat H. pylori--------so, now --------see the doc and have another endoscopy----------does any of this make sence to you? I dont know if i should be scared or relieved.......but,. i am quite confused.  Any thoughts and info. would be greatly appreciasted..........ty, Sunflowerspa
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What is happening sounds exactly like what MALT lymphoma does. It is usually slow-growing and treatable. I was first diagnosed in 1992. You might want to go to yahoogroups.com and join the group. nhl-***@****
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Hi Clee!! I am so glad to hear from you!!!!!!  Wow, you give me encouragement---as you have had it a long time!!!!! Slow growing is a good thing!  Thank you for suggesting the yahoo site--------will check it out!!!
I do hope you are doing well. Have you had numerous treatments over the years???
I did see my family doc. yesterday--he kinda thought the oncologist will run a bunch of tests and see if there is any more lymphatic cells wondering around.........
Thanks for your info. would be glad to keep in contact with you.  Take care. Sunflowers
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