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The mind of a Kidnapper ~ By me!

It was just another rainy day in Nashville Tennessee, when 19 year old singer song writer Claudia Carter was kidnapped. No one knew who or what motive the person had in mind. Only the kidnapper himself knew.

Chapter 1: “Nice to meet you” February 5th 2015

“Boy I know I should let you go but I can’t you’re like a tattoo on my heart wish I could peel you off so easy but baby its hard you got me under a spell.” ~ Boy I know. Claudia carter billboard number 1 Country Weekly Magazine.

I play this song every day. It brings me back memories of what I and Claudia used to be. I used to be her beloved husband, but I made a mistake. One that could change the way she looked at me and thought of me. It ruined us. What we used to have. I’ll tell you the story on how I met the beautiful Claudia. Well it was a wintery night in Nashville Tennessee. I was 15 she was 14. Boy was she the most beautiful girl I had ever seen other than my mother. I knew right then and there I had to make her mine; I had to steal her heart away. The next day at Witherspoon high school I seen her in the gym, I walked up to her heart on my sleeve and asked her how she was doing—her reply “I am sad.” I had asked her why she told me her dog Ann, had just died. Claudia was really close to that dog. From that day forward I made Claudia cards and bought her gifts. Valentine’s Day was near, and I had known her well over a year now. So on Valentine’s Day in 2008 I bought her a cocker spaniel puppy from my dearest grandma and walked to Claudia’s house and surprised her. I’ll never forget the look on her face and the tears in her eyes and especially the kiss that left me scarred. We started dating a few days later. Mine and Claudia’s relationship was an up and down roller coaster. She had horrible trust issues and never really trusted me. But we worked our kinks and made it the best 7 years of our life. When we were 16.  I bought her a promise ring that had her name engraved on it. 2 short years later we were both 18 I asked her to marry me. Claudia said yes! I was the happiest man alive! On October 21st 2011 we wedded. A few short months later Claudia was expecting a baby girl. Finally, a family of my own I thought. On August 8th 2012 my first daughter Aleah was born. Aleah looked just like her mother, the blue eyes that sparkled like the sea, and the blonde gorgeous curly hair that blinded if you even took one look at it. Aleah was 6 pounds and 13 ounces! Aleah grew up so fast! She’s 4 now. Ok, now you know mine and Claudia’s story. Now, what’s happening today? Well in 2014 shortly after Aleah turned one I and Claudia got a divorce. I made one huge mistake. I cheated on her. It wasn’t initially. The girl was younger than me 18 and I was 19 at the time… I had gone out to a party got carried away… I hadn’t been out partying since I didn’t remember so I had a few drinks and got intoxicated... And made a mistake... a HUGE mistake. Well the girl got pregnant and now I have a little boy, Tyler. Tyler is only 2 years old. I love him to death! He is my first born son. Born November 21st 2014. 7 pounds and 2 oz.! Okay back to the girl. Her name is Sammy. I don’t have feelings towards her what’s so ever but its life I guess. I spent a week in jail because I was so intoxicated and driving home. Claudia wasn’t too happy about that either! I am 21 and I have made such huge mistakes. I decided to make this blog on my life trials and triumphs. Enjoy. I will log on every day! Thanks for reading. Sending much happiness and cheers , Jeremy.
So do you like????????
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oh Me like a lot...how wonderfully you write , finding this made my day ..
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