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Dream Girl

her hair it flows,ever so softly in the breeze
making me sense she is naught but an angel
walking the grounds,as pretty as you please
a portrait of beauty cought from every angle

the eyes of a goddess ,so pefect in hew
with the power of love,they burn and smolder
every blink a pleasure,like the soft sips of dew
cought in her spell,i can only dream to hold her

her skin a marvel,of untouched melodies
the greatest of silks ,could not rival
the grace with which,she glides apon a gentle breeze
this feeling of lust, it has no denial

the thought of my hand reaching to touch her
frozen and stiff my body it fails me
could i just show her she need not another
her smile it shines like it was there for me

i take one step now three,and more
please god please dont let me fail
as i aproach my will is gone ive hit the door
time it moves almost as a snail

then its there her eyes apon me
all fear is gone ..i return the smile
turning with grace i can trully see
her beauty is supreme there is no rival

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yes I think that's what makes you a writer you get caught up in your story ..wish I could do it ..I remember hearing a story about Stephen King and he said he wrote at night when everyone in his family was asleep and couldn't disturb him,but also that his thoughts flowed more easily in the quite hours before dawn ..
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i cant stop ....it keeps me up at night till i type ..then i sleep i delete tons of work ....im possesed by the story ...i love it
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I like these words better than the darker ones, but I know you have to write what comes to you ...
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