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Worth the Risk

bombs bursting ,a lone man runs thre the rubble ...fear grips him as death squads search the wasteland for remnents like him...he was a commander
in the old world ,of which nothing remains ...this is the new world now ...what the powers that be have brought ...mega corps now rule ,and
human life is bought and sold like stocks from another time ....rushing threw the rubble he dodges the squads like so mant times before....
careful not to alert the other scavengers that make there home in this place ..a package he carys clutched close to his heart ...a clearing is ahead
.....pausing he trys to calm his breathing ....hearing his heart beat pound in his ears ,,,he bolts across the clearing ...bullets whine and whistle
past his body leaping over a broken wall he rolls and waits ....the firing stops ...now he says and starts to run threw the broken buildings and
zig zagging threw the destroyed city he makes sure hes not followed .....after hours of false trails and side roads and false paths he arrive s at his
destination ....lifts the ripped sheet metal cover and unlocks the door hidden beneath the rubble ...crawling in he carefully engages the traps and cover
before closing the door ...he turns and lights a lamp .....walking slowly he moves into the space ,down a halll,turns left ,then right ,moving forward he
reachs a door ,light spills from beneath the door his hand pauses at the handle ...he composes himself and opens the door ....stepping in his eyes are met
by a woman whos beauty makes his heart ache shes holding a small bundle that apon hearing the door starts to move about and cry a sound that brings a
smile to his face ...as he move closer she smiles and there lips meet with a kiss and he looks down at the bundle and moves the cover to reveal the angelic
face of a baby ...his baby ...and he pulls the package from his coat and turns to the woman ...and says ...happy birthday love ...and hands her a small bundle
of flowers ...her eyes go wide and tears fall ...she says why? why would you risk your life for this ?.....his replY is only to smile and say
you are worth the risk ............
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awwww very touching and scary ,could have almost been from the past yet you say this is the new world now' and the mega corps now rule.  has almost the sound of what the UN has got planned ....
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NOT ENTIRELY mine but .....
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