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Could muscle spasms be the result of stress?

Hello everyone. Pleased to be amongst you all. Hope all is well with you all. I recently pulled a muscle that wound up turning into a real nasty spasm about two weeks ago. Went to urgent care,  got some muscle relaxers and Ibuprofen and voila!!! I assumed everything was fine seeing as that I've pulled muscles before. A few hot and cold compresses accompanied by the muscle relaxers and I'll be just fine. That's not the way it turned out this time though. On Monday while showering that same muscle I pulled had been repulled(is that a word) by the slightest turn and things went down him from there. I immediately went Into a frenzy because now I have to miss work again, wait for this stubborn muscle to heal etc etc. I actually went to work and was able to avoid any further agitation to the muscle until Thursday when my entire back started to spasm from top to bottom. Very scary!!! I didn't panic though. I just popped some muscle relaxers and made sure my moves were more calculated than before. Well, the muscle relaxers didn't work that time nor did the pain pills. My entire back was seizing and and muscles contracting to the point where you could see my muscles moving while they contracted. I took a couple more pain pills and actually fell asleep to wake up to now just about every muscle in my body spasming. I called the ambulance,  got treatment and now I'm ok. My body is sore from my muscles randomly contacting what seemed to be every 2-3 minutes. My question to you all is, can stress be the reason for what I encountered? And why does it feel like my brain is still wanting to send signals to my body? I have noticed that I'm a bit more stressed than normal. Is she's really a blind killer and can it cause my body to react so strangely the way it did? I'd love to hear what you all think. And my apologies for such a long first question. Thank you and best regards to you all...
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Wow, now that sounds horrible!  I do know that if you think of rubber bands.  There is a huge rubber band that starts at the top of your head, goes down your head, down your back, through your glutes, down the ham strings, down the backs of your calves and then down to through the ankle and heels.  This is a rubber band that never gets stretched.  That whole area can work together. Bad issue in one can cause issues elsewhere.  When you have extremely tight hamstrings, you normally have low back pain, etc.  Pain pills and muscle relaxers are probably not a great answer at this point.  

You should see your doctor but yes, anxiety can cause body wide muscle twitching.  Other things to be mindful of is hydration.  Dehydration can also cause this.

The serious thing you can watch out for is dystonia.  But . . . that CAN be brought on by stress. https://www.webmd.com/brain/dystonia-causes-types-symptoms-and-treatments#1  

So, I would definitely speak to your doctor and hope you come back to tell us what they say.
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