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Does this sound like stress?

Hey, so im 23, I'm healthy in terms of the gym and my diet. However, I'm always poorly. I do have anxiety and i've been on sertraline for 3 years, and I have a lot of issues personally.

My question is, every couple of weeks or so, I wake up and I just feel rotten, I feel sick, i have a dull headache, constant hot flushes and absolutely ZERO energy. Going to the gym is a massive chore when I feel like this, everything hurts, it takes me much longer to do stuff and I feel totally lethargic. My GP says "viral infection" which means he hasn't got a clue and quite frankly doesn't care. Is stress doing this to me? because honestly its so debilitating and I've been searching for answers for so long.

Every single GP appointment I have a little glimmer of hope that i'll come out with a path to answers, but every GP is the same and I'm shrugged off with "the flu" or a "viral infection". Just thinking about how sick I get makes me cry, even writing this is making me feel hot and flushed. My skin is constantly breaking out in spots, I just feel so awful.

I honestly have no idea what to do anymore, the thought of living this miserable life for many more years is actually agonizing. Im 23, I should be happy.

Does anyone experience similar things?
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So, this is every couple of weeks or so, you have a bad day?  That's . . .  probably better than a lot of people.  :>)  MOST days you feel good, right?  I think anxious people tend to dwell on the negative.  You have to really work on your thinking to acknowledge that most days you feel okay.  

As to why you have these periodic episodes (sounds like 2 or 3 days a month?) . . . are you male or female?  How is your nutrition and sleep?  Does anything proceed the days in which you feel crummy?  I would keep a journal daily writing down things like what you eat, how you slept, etc.  You can use trackers if that is easier for you.  For me, I just jot it down in a specified notebook. And sometimes you can see a pattern even if really subtle.  Hormonal blips, eating, boss being hard on you, etc.  

You may want to also check your dose of sertraline.  That is a good medication but it is often under dosed.  And these meds can peter out over time where you either need a higher dose or to switch meds.

But I do think it is fairly normal to have a bad day here and there and on those days, have some feel better routines you go to.  Ibuprofen, tea, a bit of caffeine (known pain reliever as well as ads to pep to your day), etc.

good luck

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