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I always feel like I'm going to die soon?

I'm only 16 years old and I'm really scared and uncomfortable right now, I feel like I'm always suffocating and have shortness of breath most of the time. The thought of dying has been plaguing me for the past month, I don't know if it had to deal with the severe stress I was going through the past month. But It has affected my daily life, I always worry and have mixed emotions every single day, It's like everything doesn't feel right. I feel like everything I do, I feel like I'm doing it for the last time, I can't enjoy ANYTHING without the thought of dying! I'm exhausted most of the time because I tend to worry a lot about what's going to happen. I have this weird feeling in my lower throat and I don't know if its a serious condition. Sometimes my throat gets tight and it feels uncomfortable to breathe, but it's mostly the breathing sensation that is bothering me. I try to take slow long breaths in and out to calm myself down but it doesn't work it just makes me feel like I can't and then my breaths either turn shallow or I gasp for air again. Please someone attempt to reassure me that I won't die or suffer forever because I'm going crazy. I don't know what to do and it makes me depressed and gets in the way of doing things like my school work or being with my friends. I hate feeling like this everyday, these things that are happening has made a really big impact on me, I used to be a very happy, now it's like I'm in a small room and can't get out.
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Hope you are doing well today. I can assure you that you are not going crazy. It sounds a lot like anxiety. Being you are only sixteen have you spoke with anyone about how you feel? Parents , friends, teachers , dr?? You have to let someone know how you are feeling and see a doctor. It is very common for someone your age to have stress and anxiety issues and can easily be taken care of to where you can feel like yourself again and live a normal , happy life. Holding it all in and worrying that you are dying is literally making yourself sick. Please take the step and tell someone and I promise you will get the help you need and be ok. Feel free to message.
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Nothing is going to happen to me
And I believe in that strongly.

P.S you are invisible, but don't be stupid. Relax and Take care

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hay young fellow just trust me and do what ever i tell you. you will be OK in a week

*avoid to sit in front of computer or TV
* Sleep at least for 8 hours
*now the most important
Get ready
* go out for a walk
walk for 10 mints and then start running slowly. stop for a while when you are out of breath and continue again until you feel sweating. come back to home and take a bath. if weather is cold take warm bath, if hot weather take cold bath.
do it for 1 week continuously.
running time: early in the morning or  evening
walk and run for at least half n hour.
DOnt Ignor it little fellow... you will feel better on the very first day... please let me know the progress you do. one more important thing. Avoid any sexual practice in any form
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Hello,calm down!You can think of your family,or what is your favorite,or whom is you like.There are many things you can enjoy,life is very beauty!
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Hiya! I don't know if my reply is a little late but I understand where you are Coming from. My mother passed away when I was four and then my father passed not long ago. I am 19 years old and since my fathers passing have also been terrified of death to the point of panic attacks. Which sounds like what you are having with the gasps for breath. I can tell you that cbt helped me a lot and also even just going for a routine check up at the doctors can help as then you are aware of what health condition you are in. It's important to try to relax and you can do this by sitting with your back against the wall, able to see the entire room and taking deep breaths.  I hope this helps in some way. Pippa
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It sounds like a condition called globus hystericus. I've had it myself and yes it can be very distressing. I found yawning, singing and warm drinks helped. Found this article ( I also suffer from fear of dying) Hope it helps http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11824975/Death-anxiety-Feel-stressed-Think-about-how-youre-going-to-die.html

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