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I have dry mouth, burning tongue, serious health anxiety. Should i be worried?

Hi everyone! I am 30 years old male and i have been smoking for last 15 years. 3 weeks ago, after a long period of stressful days i have really bad stressful day and my tongue starts burning a lot. At first i dint see any changes on the surface but in a few days, it was still burning and my taste buts become irritated and red on the both sides the tongue. Also i have noticed that tip is very red and rest of the tongue is white and hairy. Over next few days i have developed dry mouth, slightly irritated throat - mostly in the morning when i wake up feeling thirsty. The red burning taste buds sometimes disappear but come back after few days. The worst thing is i have start to poke around with my tongue around my mouth and i noticed i have hard bony like lump on the roof of my mouth, back near the last tooth. Its not painful, and its invisible. I can only feel it if i press with my tongue - so i am not sure how long it was there. If i touch it with my finger it feels like part of a bone growing from my jaw or something.

I am giving it another week to see if symptoms change and i am going to see my GP, but in the meantime i am looking for some reassurance. Should i be worried? Does it sound like something serious? I think i am going crazy about worrying and googling. Thank you so much for any answer.
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First of all the good news is that the hard bony like lump on the roof of my mouth, back near the last tooth is something that is completely normal and nothing to be worried about.

Secondly,  you must be drinking lots of water along with all the essential vitamins and minerals that a smoker must take especially Vitamin C depleted due to this toxic habit of smoking.  And if you can get them through fruits like pineapple, oranges, etc it will surely help you.  Avoid sipping very hot drinks like coffee, etc and allow them to cool a bit before you sip.

Yo must include an exercise regime in to your lifestyle and never give up on quitting this habit until you are smoke free.  A morning walk will help you a lot.
Thanks for your comment! Funny think i was on my way for my first morning run when i received your reply:) I am now on week 2 without cigarette, i started to take vitamin B and Magnesium supplements + eating a lot of oranges. I miss coffee so much - but i cant drink it because it triggers my cigarette craving. I am already feeling that my tongue is less irritated so i hope it will get better in time.
Thanks again for your words!
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Leave ciggrate right now bro. I can say this because of my experience smoking cigarettes is throw you in the dead hole. So stop now. health is wealth

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