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Physical symptoms of wedding stress?

I have been so miserable the last few weeks. I have too much going on right now and everyone keeps telling me that's why I am not feeling well. My physical symptoms are that I haven't been eating at ALL, very little anyway, so of course weight loss, stomach aches, I can't sleep, like I'm up til about 3 every morning adn then I fell soooo tired in the morning but I can't sleep. Having crazy dreams and some heartburn although not bad. I am so tired and feel completely out of it and disconnected. I have been forgetful and getting confused, very achy. These symptoms are not mild, they are affecting me greatly.

Meanwhile I am getting married in two months and we lost our caterer and venue. We have been scrambling to find a new venue, attempt to get a refund, and reprint all new invitations. That is on top of me having difficulties with the business I sold (new owner not making payments) attempting a re-sell, financial struggles, me getting in a car accident that caused injuries and me to not have my car for a month while it was being repaired. I also caught my hair on fire with the BBQ and lost a good portion of it which was devastating. My fiance now started a new position with a new company and he is gone 12-20 hours a day. So I am dealing with ALL this and the wedding planning on my own.

I can see that all this stress can cause me to have trouble sleeping. I have had a really hard time eating though and some days I have to have bowel movements so frequently that I am not really able to leave the house much. Can all that including the stomach pain be from stress?
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Jesus.... yeah, all of that can be stressful and stress manifests itself differently in different people.  Stress/anxiety go hand in hand, from what I've been told.  (I'm no doctor.)

You've got a lot of things happening right now, and I think you are looking at them as 1 giant issue.  That is not the case... There are multiple and completely different issues, and all of them need to be addressed separately.  

(It ***** about your hair, but hair grows back... you'll look just fine on the big day.)  The venue and caterer....  Pick one, either the venue or the caterer and try to resolve that issue and often one can solve the other.  (A caterer might also know of a venue, or vice-versa)  

The accident can also be part of the problem considering that there were injuries, however that is, like everything else, a separate thing.

Allow yourself a moment to relax. Prioritize the things you need to get handled and handle them, one at a time.  Spend time on one until it gets stressful then move to another.
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In short, Yes stress can cause all this. I think you need to slow down, and maybe get on a anti anxiety med for a short time. Did  get injured during the car accident? You need to write down and plan things out and you will get this done on time. Just remember no wedding turns out purfect and think of it as funny and part of the process. You will look at this in the following years and laugh. But your health comes first. Isn't anyone that can help? Can you recruit some friends or family or even co-workers to help with anything. With our wedding, the caterer decided not to do the food and then he kept our money and we couldn't get the deposit back, then our caterer and wedding site go out of business after the caterer caught the kitchen on fire. Then our minister died and we had to scramble to get another one.It came down to the last two months and we finally got a friends cousin to do the catering, and a friend who used to photography did our photos, I got my teacher at the college orchestra to have a few violin players come to play the music and another freind sang. I made my own invitations on the computer (they weren't perfect) and we ended up having the wedding in my fiances parents house backyard. The new minister was late. Oh also, I fell asleep and almost missed my bridal shower and everyone was mad at me. Everyone had a good time and the food was good and what matters is you love each other. You need to decide though whether your husband being gone so much. That will be hard for you anytime. I felt exhausted all the time but we got through it. I ended up renting my dress. then on the honeymoon we got fogged in and stayed the day in the airport. When we got there I left my hotels name at home and didn't which one it was and they were all booked up so we had to stay in a cheap hotel. Then we got the flu. So, it does get crazy. Try to take a step backwards even though you are busy and get some rest. try to take a few minutes to meditate or breathe evenly. Let me know if you need any other suggestions.
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Go to your local MD and get a good antidepressant, and take until you are through with everything.
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