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Results of stress for over two months?

I don't know if I can discuss about all this here,  ignore it otherwise,
I had sexual exposure, that had a very low risk of oral. Since then I have been really stressed about moving life, thinking about this very incident which had very little risk as experts say.  Almost two months back I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis and I'm still taking medicines and for cough too that started a week back.And I have occasional headaches too. Somedays that is severe maybe due to lack of sleep I don't know.

Almost about two weeks back I started noticing some non itchy red bumps on my knuckle regions and along the arms,  at times a few, when they get faded away new ones appear.

Is this non itchy red bumps result of stress?

This uncurable allergic rhinitis due to alleviated stress?

Can stress for prolonged period cause all this?

Please respond fast. Thankyou.
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When our body’s are extremely stressed out werid things happen to our body’s. Our body’s go into fight or flight mode. In a constant state of panic due to stress or shock. anxiey and stress can cause a lot of werid symptoms to the body. Just try to relax if it makes you feel any better get tested. But oral is a very very low risk activity of getting anything. So low I wouldn’t even worry about it. But if it makes you feel better get tested to put your mind at ease. And just try to relax no one has gotten anything serious from oral I’m sure you are fine it’s just the anxiey and stress doing weird things to your body. Try to relax and calm yourself. Unless if there was a lot of blood during oral other then that i wouldn’t worry about it you should be all good!
@alex5757 thank you so much Alex for the much pleasing words. I'm feeling much better.

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