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Stress - various symptoms - Pls help

Hello All - I hope to get some help from you guys. Currently under tremendous stress due to family and work situation. Marriage problems make me very sad as well and I am in grief and emotional turmoil. I have role of managing people at work, which causes a lot of stress to me. I started getting multiple symptoms starting in March. I got Pnumonia in march, then was there were bowel issues for 2-3 months, which went away on their own. Did CT-Abd, plevis, and other endoscpopy, colonscopy. Docs did not find anything wrong. Had a heart attack like situation in April and was rushed to hospoital in ambulance. Docs did CT of chest but could not find anything. They noticed blebs in my lungs. Docs did not say it was emphysema at that time. Later, Abd, Pelvis CT scans reported that the lower lungs seen in scans do show moderate bullous emphysema. I was smoking about 10 cigs a day for 14 years. But, my lung functions in 2 different tests were > 90-95%. Based on that the Pulmonoloist ruled that it is not Emphysema.

Recently for last month or so, I am feeling lot dizzy and get frequent numbness in legs, hands, head. It is kind of increasing. Went to emergency and they did CT scan of head but could not find anything bad. Guys, please help me? Could it be just stress as it was causing a lot of other things? Should I wait for a couple of months and see if that goes away on its own? I am so confused now. I was very healthy until last March and now I am never the same again. Has anyone experience this? Any suggestions?

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It could be stress related, it can manifest itself with Physical symptoms , like the ones you describe , It is good you dont have Emphysema ,it may be a good thing to get some thing going in the way of counselling for your marital problems are they big problems that a talk to your partner would 'nt help. The role of Managing people can indeed be stressful, again some talking out help,may be good.  If you are not eating regular meals you could be lowering your sugar level and that would make you feel unwell, so make sure you eat 3 meals a day. Good luck let us know how you are doing
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they call everything they have no answer for either stress/anxiety...or fibromayalgia!!!!!
dont believe it,if your having all these symptoms,there for a reason,,no matter what they say.
if you read medical books and learn about things yourself,you too can be just as smart as your doctor!!!,,just remember medicine is nothing more then a educated guess!!
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