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What are the best ways you've found to manage stress?

I'm really interested in learning what kinds of things work best.
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I find that regular exercise is very beneficial.  It's calming and keeps me relaxed throughout the day.  This can be as simple as brisk walking for a half hour a day.  Good sleep is important.  This means I need good routines to go to bed at the same time, get up around the same time, keep the room dark and cool with white noise, don't eat or drink three hours before bed, etc.  Eating right helps overall health and that keeps stress down.  Journaling what is bothering me helps me see patterns I can work on and triggers I can eliminate.  It helps me problem solve the situation.  Deep breathing and positive self talk do wonders.  
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Exercise-  In numerous studies exercise has been shown to increase both serotonin production and release. Go to a Gym, play a sport or any physical activity such as running, swimming etc.

Be in the present moment. Try to do something which makes you to focus in the present moment. Any sports or video games.

Good sleep.

Travel to new places.
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I'm wondering how you are doing? What things do YOU do to manage your stress??
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Hi, I just saw this and though I would answer as well.

For me, walking with my two doggies is a great stress reliever. I also love listening to instrumental smooth jazz and reading.
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There are three basic avenues to managing stress:  physical (such as exercise, relaxation, activities you find calming), mental (such as meditation, and self-talk), and stressor related (such as assertiveness, change of scene, listening to favorite music, playing a favorite game, etc.)

Under each general theme there are enough options that most people can find a mix that suits them and that they will do.

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