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doctors limited to how much pain med can be prescribed

I have constant pain - chronic pain for more that one source -my doctor will prescribe me med 4 times dly - i need 5 times a day - we discharged each other from further contact
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You have to listen to the doctor, they don't say 4 times a day just because, there's a reason that has to do with the bioavailability of the drug and the probability of toxic effects.
Pain *****, but having stomach ulcers or many other things, is much worst!!! You can ask him to change the painkiller, but don't take more times than recommended!
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You need to approach your MD from a different perspective.  What you need is something for breakthrough pain.  Ask for something long-acting and then try something fast-acting for those times of exacerbation.  There are many things you can try.  You don't say what you are on; but having to take something 4 times a day is not the way to go for chronic pain, that is for short-term acute pain that goes away after one or two doses.  I take something every 12 hrs. and occasionally need to add a dose of Tylenol here and there.  I have Lyme arthritis, peripheral neuropathies, painful lesions on my scalp and muscle spasms.  I am now having more better days than before with this med regimen.  Talk to your doctor right away. Good luck!
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