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is it normal to be so sad

Im 24 been through alot i think for my age, divorced parents, abusive step dad, loosing friends, cheating bf, not current bf is long distant in the army. I went through a bit of depression hating life, i used to drive to work having visions of me crashing and most days i hoped it would happen. Most of my gfs have moved overseas so am starting to get very lonely making me sad again. Im a very social person so staying at home drives me crazy. I feel tired and just not myself all the time i feel like im trapped in a sad girls body and think is this how my life is meant to be?? I often cry at the drop of a hat. Emotions take over and i cry sometimes i dont even know what its over? I can watch a sopie and an actor cries over something stupid but i see someone elses tears and just cry. Isnt that weird haha. does anyone else feel like this or know of any way i can cheer myself up.
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i say things in my mind that i dont mean to say,i think its the devil in me.i usually do stupid things when im drunk.my parent are divorced as well.i also see visions when im driving.i dont no what it could be.but im in a slight different posistion from you.its with drinking,partying and sex.i need that to stop and i stoped drinking from sunday.

im sorrry to hear such sad new but eat some comfy food.watch a movie.find some halarious friends online.laugh,trust me you'll be alright!
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you are very down at the moment and probably feeling a bit alone right now,you have been through alot,and have lost alot of friends,but you need to stay positive,try looking on the brighter side,can you keep in touch with your friends?maybe try to save a bit of money every week and plan a vacation to see your friendnext year,if you are social person try to go out and meet new friends i know they cant replace your old ones.But mainly please go to your doctor if you are having thoughts like you are discuss depression and stress with him,good luck
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I too was from divorced parents and rough childhood, I married at 17 and within months of being married my husband became abusive. by the age of 18 I was at the point of holding a gun to my head ready to end it all. depression is a serious thing. it feeds on itself, You dont realise that you are the one making yourself feel sad. you need to speak to your doctor or even just some over the counter health supliment like valeran to help settle your mood. most of all, stay strong, talk to yourself, point out your positives and build on them. fight your depression.
There is a website in Aus called 'get a life" look it up, they are groups of people who organise social activities. there are groups for all kinds of interests from going to movies, the beach, book clubs, social drinks at a pub, going out to dinner, family outings ect. get out and make new friends.
Life has a lot more in store for you, and its not all plain sailing, teach yourself now to be strong. because when you get to my age you will find out how very precious life is
good luck
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hey tom,
im not sure stopping all that wil help you? i used to be out every weekend and was having the time of my life but now i dont do any of that i think its contributed to feeling like this! maybe cut down on the drinkin a little cause that makes u feel crap n depressed the next to days haha the friends i have left in sydney are all boring and stay home on weekends i would much rather be out with fun ones than sitting home feeling like this.. and as much as id like to sit here n gorge on food i thnk that is anther part of my problem. i have become so weight conscious i recently dropped 6kg i am liking loosing weight but i am under my bmi level by 5 now but i want to loose more weight.. i weigh myself after everythin i eat worried that ive put on to much., i dont think this is normal either.. :(
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hey thanks for replying, i feel better just from reading from you guys i didnt think anyone would! i have been to the doctor and he did the tests and i got 40/50 for depression or something he recomended me and i went and saw a guy but i didnt feel comfortable i felt like he was talking about nothn that was helping and i left feeling more annoyed cause all i wanted to do was talk about what was upsetting me so i didnt go back after that. this was last year to so its been going a long time, even before that. my bf actually cheated on me a few years ago so its been going a while i thnk cause he cheated on me for 2 years straight and stole alot of money from me that ive had a tougher time getting over it. ive tried making new friends i am a pretty easy person to get along with and do alot for ppl. i made a new best friend after the break up and it was great til she started taking a lend of me i drove her everywhere lent her money then she got back with her ex and had no time for me. so when it comes to meeting new ppl its kind of hard now. i dont trust guys or girls haha pretty much noone!
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Hi Flawed,
Im sorry to hear what you went through! abuse is a horrible thing ive seen so much of it im scarred. my dad bashed my mum in front of me when i was ten leaving me to sit there holding her head just a mess of blood and its one thing from my childhood ill never forget.. i too have thought of suicide ive had 30 antideppressents which i take half and it knocks me out for 8 hrs i was ready to swallow the whole pack and hope to not wake up till my mum heard me crying and ran in and took them b4 i had chance., im  a pretty shy person so i dont know if i would be able to go to social events not knowing who i trust these days. its all too hard i know one day i will be happy, i hope so anyway, ive never done anything wrong to anyone all i do is give and get give but get walked on in return so i think i deserve happiness sometime :) i hope your ok now and with someone who is treating you good..
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i have gone through similar things as yourself my parents always used to fight by the time i was 1 they seperated and i had to bring up my 4 sisters,i got married and my husband cheated on me whilst he worked away i stayed with him though i just thought why should you go have a life and leave me with the kids,so instead he stayed and watched the effects his dirty little affair had on us all.Anyway my point is all this ruined my past and it took a long time too get through it but i have decided,i had a **** childhood and a similar last  years and i aint letting ruin the rest of my life,we only gets one chance at it so i am going to do and be happy with my choices and i hope one day so can you and alot of other people on this site.
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You're 28, a woman in a relationship. If you are on the pill, it may be the cause of your unexplaind ''downs''. It was the cause of mine. Here is an article with more information on the subject:

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I stress a lot and I'm 12 years old I told my mum SOME problems I've experienced, like;
-my dad having a car crash from a young age
-my mum going behind my back with one of her work partner
-my mum getting pregnant behind my back
-my dad being really Nasty to me and accusing me of stuff I've never done before
-my grandad having cancer
-and school problems like getting bullied

My mum told me to go to a get counselling but in not very found, of it what do u think I should do take my mum's advice or keep everything in my head and keep my bead under they sand!
People give me some advice!

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     Your profile says you are a boy, but your name, Jessica says you are a girl.  Doesn't matter...
      You certainly have a lot on your plate and reason to be sad.  I am so sorry that this is happening to you.  
     At your age you should be carefree and worried only about school and doing your homework and chores around the house.
      I am sorry that your Dad is accusing you of doing whatever.  He's wrong to do that.  And it could be that he is not feeling very proud of himself at the moment either.  He shouldn't however take it out on you...
      Talk to your school counselor about getting bullied.  That's not right, either.
      It is so sad that your grandpa has cancer.  Try to keep him company so that he doesn't get too unhappy.  I know that's hard to do, but you will feel better about yourself.
      Try to be supportive of your Mum.  If she stepped out on your Dad, she must not have been happy with him.  And it could be why your Dad is acting the way he is.  Feeling betrayed by your Mum and perhaps feeling you will betray him too.  
     With the baby coming, there isn't much anyone can do except accept the consequences.  Love the baby, it isn't his/her fault he or she was conceived.  
     I don't know what else I can say right now, Jessica.  My heart goes out to you as I know you are suffering.  
     Sending you hugs and wishing you the best...
Please let us know how you are getting along.  I care.

     PS  I am a grandma of over 12 kids.  If you were my grandchild I would do everything I could to help you.
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