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Memory loss after stroke - update

How long does it take for a patient to recover his memory after a stroke? When will the memory stop improving?
My boyfriend of 3 years suffered a stroke last November after surviving cancer (he'll turn 30 in a month) The doctors said the damage in my bf's brain is permanent, the stroke was not severe enough to handicap him but it has affected his memory and mental capacity. They are unsure if he'll ever recover his memory fully. He is recovering slowly but still has trouble remembering people including me.The problem is he went back to his country last summer for a job so we live in two different countries at the moment. I have been emailing him constantly (he can only check emails from the hospital) but all I got was one email saying that he doesn't remember me. I'm planning to go see him soon and show him letters that he wrote me and gifts he gave me. What else can I do until the time comes for me to travel? When should I stop hoping that he would remember me, how long should I wait? Please help me I'm really scared and depressed. I feel so lost I don't know what to do it hurts so much that I'm not there for him and knowing that he has no recollection what so ever of me or our relationship apart from pictures he has.
I learned today that my boyfriend is leaving the hospital in March, physically he's doing good but still no improvement on his mental state. The doctors aren't hopeful, it's been almost 10 weeks since the stroke now and I'm starting to lose hope
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Every case is differnt. Usually there is always some deficit. If you have old photographs send them to him. Images have a way of triggering memory. I would not give up hope about him remembering you. My little 103 year old lost memory of her sister and did not recognize her, and then, suddenly, her memory of her sister returned. Magically. Inexplicably. Try not to lose hope. Ten weeks is not a very long tiime. Keep your spirits up and don't give up! I would not accept the prognosis of permanancy at this point. It is pre-mature.
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I was so depressed, the updates I was getting from the hospital were not helping either, your words really helped thank you so much
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