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Cataracts and Arcus Senilis Diminishing-Documented

Exactly one year ago my left eye was 20/100 and my right eye 20/70. I had cataracts in both eyes, macular degeneration in the left eye and arcus senilis in both.

Just this week I went to the retinologist again. My left eye had gone from 20/100 to 20/50, and my right from 20/70 to 20/40. Although I had been told I needed cataract surgery, this week he told me it was not necessary. In additiion to my vision improving, the arcus senilis has darkened and narrowed considerably and the macular degeneration is somewhat better.

Right after my test last year I started using l-carnosine eye drops (these are used in Europe for cataracts) and MSM eye drops (which I made myself). The trials on these two supplements are sparce, but I decided to try them anyway. The results are plain. The retinologist said I no longer needed surgery and he wants to see me in six months to plot further improvement. My regular MD, who practices alternative medicine, checked my results and is recommending the supplements for patients with similar eye problems.

One of my uncles was a doctor. I remember him saying, "Surgery is a last resort, after you have tried everything else." Cataract surgery is extremely successful if you choose the right lenses and if you have a good surgeon. Nonetheless, for a very small minority of patients the results are disastrous. I still have all the bits and pieces I was born with, and would like to keep it that way, if possible.
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Addendum. I am still using the eye drops. I can't wait to see the progress in six months - in one year. This has been a very exciting experience.
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I have noticed that you have posted your story to a few websites which feature arcus senilis, with not many replies? Which is suprising since your treatment has been so successful?  You haven't said how you prepared your MSM eyedrops or where your l-carnosine drops came from.

I have arcus in both eyes and am interested in reversing this.  Also, my floaters have just started to increase.  Can you post more information?  I have searched online and have come across Nu Eyes and Can C, but haven't tried them yet.  Are these the remedies you've tried?
My floaters improved when I took Macular Degeneration Supplement, and 1/2 Tblsp. Flax oil taken orally, Krill oil gelcap 500  once a day, and phosphatidyl choline 1 gelcap a day.  Dry eye cleared up, floaters almost unnoticeable, and sensitivity to light is almost gone!  The oils are essential for eyes, and my joint pain improved as well.  I am 59 and almost got cataract surgery, but holding off on that now.  Eating 1 cup raw kale a day also really made my eyes see and focus better!
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I use Brite Eyes III, but I think Can C and the others are probably just as good. However, since I started with Brite Eyes I continue with it.

I prepare the MSM drops using pure MSM powder (domestic). To each half teaspoon of the powder I add 2 tbls. boiled water and 2 tbls. saline. It dissolves quickly. Store in a stoppered bottle in the refrigerator. I use one drop in each eye twice a day, followed (after a bit of a wait) with a drop in each eye of Brite Eyes III. I take the weekends off. On Sundays I rinse my eyes with saline as there appears to be a slight buildup during the week. Important for success is strict compliance.

By the way, this regimen is very helpful for cataracts, but, over time I have found that improvement for arcus senilis is very minor. However, with the clearing of the corneas, the eyes sparkle once again.
Can you tell how is your arcus senilis current status?
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