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i heard breast feeding can cause sids? if so explain

when is it ok to place a child on their belly to sleep?

can sids be caused by something done  during the pregnancy?(like smoking or drinking)
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Breastfeeding reduces the chances of sids. Breast fed babies wake up more often reducing the chances of sids. Breastfeeding is good.

Sids just happens. I worried about sids through my sons infancy I always had him sleep besides me in his bassinet.
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sids is so unknown hun... personal experience though just make sure you never fall asleap nursing thats my best advice.. i dont know if my son suffocated... but i think he did.. between my breast and the matress.. they just told me SIDS... jsut dont fall asleap like that

as for the belly thing,,, i dk my son was only a month old... but most parents have told me they do it on their own and after a while you really cant stop them from turning over unless you watch them every second they sleep in their crib
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SIDS is not 100% preventable. I was a nonsmoker, my son slept on his back, I breast fed, ecc., and at two weeks old he stopped breathing/heart stopped for about forty minutes. He was being held, we noticed his color change, my stepmom who is a nurse began CPR, hospital shocked him and gave him epi twice, then his heart started back on his own but the stress put on his body made him pass away the following day. SIDS means that a baby died and an autopsy could not find out WHY. Research it, do EVERYTHING you can to REDUCE THE RISK...that is all you can do.
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def!!! smoking greatly increases the chance of sids and im sure that drinking does to... but mostly drinking increases the  chance of AFS
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breastfeeding actually reduces the chances of SIDS.

it is not ok to place a baby on his/her belly to sleep. when they started to tell parents to put babies on their backs, the incidence of SIDS decreased by 50%.
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