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need a answere

I had a successful kidney transplant on valentines morning, kidney is working great.I was released from hospital thursday and on frisday I noticed some blood dripping from wound site, I have about  10 inch incision on my right side of stomach..I called the transplant center right away and since i am 3 hours away they had me go to the local ER and be checked which I did. they looked and examined my wound and side everything looked good it was sealed well, stapels wer fine, there was no redness or swelling, no pain rather then the soreness...no sign of effection. The Er dr told me when they close your wound up that fluid will get trappped and mix with some blood that ws there and when I stand the pressuer has it seeping out. Well i ws scared and when I called the transplant center back and gave them the Er report. they told me this wasnt abnormal...I have just never heard of this and it still has me a little bothered.. have you all ever heard of this?? am I just eing pranoid for no reasons..I know I should trust the dr's i guess I am just still a little scared thank you
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I agree with Dr Tewari
This type of fluid collection after surgery is common and benign
Please follow up with yr surgeon but would not worry too much
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Dear Jollyman
Sometimes, if hemostasis (control of bleeders) of wound is not good small amount of blood gets collected (trapped) in the wound which can present like this lateron. It is not a thing of concern if there is no abnormal swelling / redness/ infection. (these hematomas are a sourse of infection but in your case every thing is fine). I don't think you should be worried about it but keep a watch if you deveope fever (infection) redness around the stich line or swelling imediately report back to doctor.
Good luck
Dr Tewari

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