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Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

I just bought the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and was just curious if anyone else has bought it? If so, please share your experience with it. I know that it has worked for hundreds of women, but I don't know how many over 40 women have been succesful with it. Thanks, and baby dust to everyone!
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I always use the cvs brand OPK's.  They are cheaper..come 20 in a pack.  You actually pee in a plastic cup, and dip the indicator stick into the urine.  Then you can see how dark the line is, and you can watch it for the course of the days you are testing.  You can actually see the line getting darker each day.  It calls for first morning urine and I have conceived twice in the past year and a half using these.  I don't like the digital because you cannot see the test line.  It is either positive or negative.  Like I said, with the store brand ones i can see the line getting darker each day, and can anticipate when my positive will be..thus timing my BD'ing.  Good luck!!!
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HI, I am 45 and have one and used it after my 1st ivf and tubal reversal. It worked for me but my DH has issues with his SA. We ended up trying another mini ivf but after our MC we went on to donor eggs. It was accurate and I always ovulated so I would say it worked, I just didn't work. Good Luck. I ordered extra sticks on Amazon and they were cheaper.
PS I am 7weeks 2 days!
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Thank you ladies for your comments. I actually had my 4 yr old daughter through IUI and it worked the very first time.  Unfortunately, I've had several IUI's since I had my daughter, and haven"t been successful. My last IUI resulted in a pregnancy last year, but I had a MC and it was devastating! We can't afford IVF and I am sick of being stuck with the needles every day. Yes, I've used the OPK kits in the past, I just thought that I would try the fertility monitor and herbs as a last resort.  Congrats to you Melanie!!!
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I had a miscarriage in Oct. 2011 and have started using the CBEFM since then.  The first month after my miscarriage it did not detect a surge, but I have getting clear indications since then.  I did by extra sticks off Amazon.com... much cheaper!  The CBEFM does correlate with my OPK smiley face sticks and helps save money on those.  I start doing smiley OPKs on my first peak day and I've gotten my smiley on my 2nd peak day around mid-day for the past two months.  We try to BD on 2 peak days and day after.  If I think DH is up for it we try to sneak one in on the last high day before peak as well.  Good Luck!  SSBD!
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