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DHEA with Vitex

Hello ladies

I am new to this forum, I have been struggling with TTC for over 3 years and have seen so many doctors, naturopaths, 1 failed IVF cycle last year plus being on a detox to help my body. It has been a tough emotional journey as when you hit 40, the doctors aren't as positive towards pregnancy. I have done lots of research on infertility and health for quite some time. Yesterday I went to see my immunology Gyno for the first time, he recommended that I take DHEA, Vitex and some natural progesterone cream as it was low. I have read somewhere that taking DHEA and Vitex isn't a good idea as it cancels out each other and so I wanted to ask your opinions.
What are your thoughts on it and has anyone had any success with them and also MACA root?
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Thank you Alexis,
I think progesterone is the key too along with acupuncture and being practical and sensitive to our bodies and not pushing them too much. I've tried so many things and saw so many medical people and it hasn't worked so far.  
I haven't given up hope yet even though I have kept Kleenex afloat with all the tissues boxes Ive used. That is wonderful news that you might be ready to try again, wish you lots of luck and hope its an easy pregnancy : )
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Thanks Sherri : )
I have just started using Vitex and progesterone cream this cycle and will see how that goes. My TSH level has gone down after my detox to .94 from 1.15
I have been to a thyroid specialist who said my thyroid results were ok even though I still felt sluggish, cold hands/feet, dry skin, hair loss and thinning so will see. That is wonderful news about your friend, such a hard time to endure such a personal thing and something that we all deserve to receive easily!
I used to go to a naturopath who treated candida with needles and I couldn't eat certain yoghurts and fresh cheese as they had things bacteria that gave you candida. Sugar is a big thing and if you can somehow get rid of that out of your diet, your candida would hopefully die plus a probiotic to help your gut.. Sugar is in most things so you have to be strict not to eat it. If you want to know more about the detox Im happy to email you : )
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I am 45 now...had a healthy baby boy at age 43 and have had 2 pregnancies since him....believe it or not...not even trying, in fact trying NOT to.    they did end in m/c's though, but the good news is that I did get 2 pregnancies at age 44 and 45.  

I didn't take any supplements at all, my RE suggested not to, just told me to do the acupuncture every week and I used femara and Gonal-F.    After I got pg with my son, I was put on progesterone for a little but and everything went well.    The 2 pregnancies after him I used nothing...both pregnancies made it to a heartbeat, but by the 9 week scan, both times the hearts had stopped.   I just recently was thinking about it and remembered that I didn't do the progesterone with those pregnancies and I now wonder if it would have made a difference.  

Hang in there though, I can happen for us older mommies :).   I just recently thought that "maybe" I'm ready to try again.   I'm not going to use any supplements or medications, but I did order some progesterone cream to use AFTER ovulation.   I was told to never use it before as it may prevent ovulation....so on day 18 of my cycle I start using the cream.   Just started this cycle, so we shall see what happens.
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Hi Grace! Welcome to the group! I have heard good things about all those supps. But I have to admit, I hadn't heard to not take DHEA with Vitex or Maca. I was actually taking all of them right now and the progesterone cream, too, sometimes! Lol! So will have to reevaluate that. I def want to stay on the DHEA, as it has worked for me in the past (FSH went from 42 to 10 in like 2 months) and my DHEA-S levels were very low when last checked. I take 25mg a day now.

My biggest problem is the detox (candida). I've been getting pretty bad die-off symptoms. :( And since I work full-time, it's really hard to even stick with it, because I feel so dizzy, fatigued and crappy. I don't want to lose my job. What kind of detox are you doing? And how's it going?

Hang in there and don't give up. There is NO reason we over 40 ladies shouldn't be able to have a baby. We just have to get our bodies back in balance (hormonally) and detox so our bodies can work the way they are supposed to. Have you ever had your thyroid checked? My dearest MH friend was just successful (after 5 years of TTC) after getting her thyroid treated properly. The TSH neds to be as close as possible to 1.0 when TTC. And in no event should it be over 2.0. Most RE's know this already (at least here they do) I would look into that if you haven't already. It is at least one crucial piece of the puzzle!
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Thank you for your supportive message Stacey, I am looking into Vitex and Maca and if no luck then will look into DHEA. That must be so tough having 5 miscarriages, Im so sorry for your losses. I had one and it was devastating. I appreciate your optimism and that you had successful pregnancies : )
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Hi, I've had 3 healthy pregnancies since turining 40, also 5 miscarriages but it is do-able :) I wouldnt take vitex or macca with DHEA, both of these things amongst other things they do, help balance out yur hormones, and DHEA is a hormone... vitex and macca go well together though, so if you can maybe try 3-6 months on the vitex and macca and then if you have no luck, go for the DHEA :)
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