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New to the forum, and need advice.  We have been TTC for 1 year.  MC in March on 40th birthday .  Had tests done, but am confused by results.  They seem pretty good to me, but RE seems to be pushing IVF.  A different RE told me based on my numbers, the odds were with me that I would conceive naturally, but that was prior to changes in my period in August.   My periods are now coming 22 days apart for the last 2 months.  Seems to have started after the MC.  Prior to that, was always normal. ANY advice would be appreciated.  So confused by the choices and I feel as though IVF is just being sold to me like a used car.   Anyway, here are my test results.  Just wondering what everyone else would do...(keep trying, herbals, injectables, IUI or IVF).

FSH:  7 (was also 7 in June)
AMH:  (tested in July, can't remember, but was in middle of normal range).
TSH: 1.88
LH:  9.1
Prolactin:  18.6
Estradiol:  61

BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.  I have been reading posts for months now and they do help all of us, even those who never post anything.
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I can't really help you much but just wanted to say welcome.

I had two miscarriages last year (at 41) but haven't gotten pregnant this year (yet). I agree that it can take a while for hormones to resettle after a miscarriage.

I also completely understand your feelings on IVF. It's fine to hear of others doing it but when it comes to yourself it is daunting. I'm not ready to go there yet but have set myself a timeline for when I will consider it.

I am like you with good numbers and reasonably quick conceptions.

I think Wendy summed it up pretty well.

Take care and good luck with building your family.
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You're most welcome hon.  I have learnt so much during my journey, I do want to share my experience because I wish I knew much more when I started.  I did read alot but the actual experience was so different to what I expected.

Yes, you can do injectables.  If I am not mistaken, the protocol will be similar to an IUI, and they can monitor to ensure there are no more than 2 follicles to ensure that you don't end up with more than multiples of twins. I did 2 cycles of IUIs and it does increase the chances and it was a relatively easy procedure. You may want to consider it as a less intrusive alternative to IVF.

Stay positive.  At least you know you can get pregnant.  Like I said in my earlier post, the journey may be a painful one for most of us, but the day we are able to hold our baby or babies in our arms, it will be worth all the heartache we endured....all the tears and pain will appear quite insignificant.
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Thanks for your comments.  It is a heavy decision and I have no idea why IVF seems so daunting to me.  I think it is the hormones and bc pills that have me scared about it.  In the end, too, I also think it is the fear of failing...if that, then what?  I was so optimistic when one doctor (highly respected RE at a university hospital) told me the odds were with me.  Then the other RE at a fertility clinic gave me the exact opposite outlook.  The clinic seems to push things.  They were ready to sign me up for IVF even before I took a single blood test.  That's why I feel like I am getting "sold" something at times.  

Besides IVF, any thoughts on going the injectable route (not clomid, but the other drugs)?  I have been told they do produce good eggs, but there is no control on how many (if any) will make it through.

I do think the mc has thrown me off whack.  I had another one 3 years prior to that one, but seemed to bounce back quickly.  That is the worst part of all of this...started trying, got pregnant within 2 months.  While it ended badly (blighted ovum), I was pregnant so quickly after we started TTC.  That makes me hopeful at least, but maybe it is false hopes as well.

Again, thanks for all of your posts.  Sorry to have run on here.  Lurkers, like I was, do get a lot of information out of them, and it helps me at least to feel like I am not so alone in all of this.  
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Hi welcome to the board.

It's a personal choice and you should go with what you're most comfortable with.

I can only tell you of my personal experience.  Shortly after getting married, my dr. put me on clomid.  I didnt realise that at my age (40 then) that the chances are pretty slim. I NEVER thought I needed to resort to IVF.  At 41, I started IVF and then later ICSI and had 2 chemical pregnancies, the closest I ever got to having a baby but each time the protocol and medication is varied and I feel I am doing everything I can to get pregnant (including vitamins and diet).

On hindsight, I should have gone straight to ICSI, but the dr. does need time to vary different protocols and medications to see what works best.  Each time I do get perfect embryos but the reality is this:  By 40, we do end up with more eggs with chromosomes abnormality than normal ones and it is a jackpot.  IVF puts you on the express lane because each time they are able to get as many eggs from you as possible, fertilise them and transfer the best ones back, with the hope at least one will stick, as opposed to trying with one egg a month.  With IUI, you get to try with 2 eggs a month.

I know alot of people don't feel comfortable with IVF and I don't blame them. I never imagined I would resolve to IVF but here I am. In addition, its expensive but if you can afford it, it's an option.

I thought I would be pregnant at 40, and then again at 42/43.  I am now 43 and still trying for pregnancy no. 1.  I know it's easier to concieve number 2 shortly after having no.1 but by then I will be 45. And the odds will be against me.  I am therefore hoping for multiples! LOL!

Go with your gut feelings.  If you need more info on IVFs, feel free to send me a message.

Sending sticky baby dusts to you and all on board!
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I like your used car comment.  :-)

As you know, your munbers are fine. That's a good thing. I'm not a doctor, but I do know that after a MC, it takes many women a few cycles to get "in sync" again - and, added to this is the stress of the situation, which often makes cycles shorter (at least it does in my case). I expect your cycles will go back to normal.

You'll have to gather all the info you can, and then go with your feelings as far as whether to puruse reproductive technology or keep trying the natural way. Part of your decision will depend on just how vital it is for you, personally, to have a baby. For me, I'd love a baby, but I also have a sense that too much fiddling around wouldn't be good for me (plus I have no insurance) - so my DH and I have continued with the "natural" method. If I end up in my late 40s with no children, I might look into adoption.

On the other hand, if it was extremely important to me to conceive and carry my own child, I'd mortgage the house and do IVF.

So, the decision part is up to you. Perhaps you should wait a few months, in any case, for your body to get in rhythm again, and then decide what you want to do (if the stork hasn't come, that is!)

Hope this helps,
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welcome to the ttc over 40 forum.
i too have very good stats but i didn't want to take chances and loose time.  i started ivf at 38 and after 3 cyles got pg and m/c before turning 40.  in our age group... we are behind an eight ball and though some of us still have good stats, we don't know if our ovarian function/reserve will suddenly take a nose dive next month so generally ivf is recommended.  i would actually start with ivf for 1 to 2 cycles and if you get pg easily then good for you.  if not, then i would proceed with ivf and icsi.  BUT... these can get very expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it... but if you have a good insurance... i would go all the way.

good luck!
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