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So I'm 14dpo still bfn with frer. I'm so confused, I will be 45 in 2 months. Do I give up? Do I keep trying? Do iui #4?
I feel so bad that I can't give my DH bio baby. I don't have any more money for donor eggs, we have already spent $35,000.00 last year for ivf, fet, tubal reversal and 3 iui's.  
I don't want to give up but how long will they let me keep going, I have an fsh of 7 and I have an AMH of 5.6, so I have many eggs, but years of plumbing and being around the chemicals associated with plumbing may have effected my eggs.? Years of sweet and low, alcohol consumption....etc....what to do?
Thanks for listening!
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Don't throw in the towel yet Mel!  All of your levels are fantastic and you make lots of eggs -  not to mention you ovulate and have regular cycles.  You ARE still in your reproductive years.  It's not over.

If your RE is willing, I would continue with IUI.  At our age, we know that we have many eggs that are not viable, but I truly believe our cycles would shut down completely if we didn't have any good eggs left.  Nature doesn't lie, if you were done you would be in Menopause.

Oh, and I am pretty sure that I would never have had any kids if alcohol were a factor :o)
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Don't throw in your towel. Why don't you just give nature a try. I will never give up. God has a special time that's all.
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You guys are so wonderful, thank you, I was just feeling sorry for myself.
I tried natural this cycle and used my monitor. I'm not gonna give up! Your right I need to leave it to God!
Babydreamr, your right if I didn't have at least one good egg left I would be in menopause!
I pray for both your bfp's!
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