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TTC after 17wk loss

Found out I was pregnant June 14th. 5wks along.
Pretty uneventful pregnancy aside from being diagnosed with Tricamoniasis at 14wks.
U/S at 14wks 1 day. Took medication Metronidazole 14.5wks.
16wk appt. on Sept 5th my son had no heartbeat. Was induced Sept 11 and had him Sept 12th 2:18am.
D & C done Sept 15th due to retained placenta. Bleed until end of September. about 2wks later (Oct. 13th)had my First cycle/'bleed' since the D&C - lasted 7 days as usual before I got pregnant. Dr. said wait one cycle.
Started trying Oct. 20-27 and a few times the end of Oct.. in that time I knew I was ovulating because my boobs hurt SO bad. Next period supposed to arrive Nov. 9/10. Took HPT (brand name ones), like, all last week - all negative :(  
been on numerous sites saying I would have ovulated then as well, and that a HPT should/could show positive by now. but they're all clear as day, not pregnant :(
I have one left - waiting until I miss my period I guess.
I've had 3 previous m/c's before 8wks and those times we only tried/were intimate once, so I know it's easy as pie to GET pregnant, it's just staying that way :( I do have one daughter. first pregnancy and only one out of 5 that I brought to term. I have 0- blood type but have gotten Rhogam everytime when needed.

just anxious I guess :(
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not that anyone is keeping track. but AF came eventually.
And almost positive I had a chemical pregnancy and lost the baby beginning of Dec. Period was very heavy and clotty, lots of cramps etc. Not normal for me.
Next AF due Jan 5th. 4th one since losing Levi :(
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No signs of AF. got bloodwork today and results will be in tomorrow. Dr is going to look up last HcG reading and cross reference. Also said I should be near 0, unless it is in fact a new pregnancy.
cross your fingers for me please.
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