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Anyone else in the tww right now?

I got a +opk on Dec 31, at cd10. Right now I am 4dpo, at cd16. I figure I'll test at 10dpo. Have 3 girls, trying for a boy. This is definitely the last. Hubby and I have been debating for awhile about who is getting "fixed". haha. And we probably will until the time comes. So, anyone else in the tww right now?
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I'm 7dpo today, so I am right there with you.  I might test at 9 dpo since I'm having some light cramping today.  I'm not sure we caught the eggy since hubby was bd'd out by the time I actually did O.  We have been using the clear blue fertility monitor and my OPKs hadn't been showing up so we were bding all of my high days.  We bd the morning of my pos OPK (3 pm) but that was it for a few days.  If we aren't successful this cycle I'll try and wait for both my monitor and my OPKs to be positive before we put in the "extra" effort.  Good luck to you!!!
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With the opks. I never really got a test line darker than the control line. I think it was almost this cycle but it can be confusing. Usually my opks go back to be being just about stark white.
Which is why I was surprised when I still had a second line at 6dpo, it was barely there, but still there.

I have been using internet strips from wondfo, I got my positive hcg strip test this [email protected]! It is obvious, no guessing! But my lh strip was clearly positive since at least thursday! So what they say must not be true... That if your LH is positive then your HPT would be too or that a HPT would be positive before an OPK.
I took pics at about 3-4 minutes after I took them. I will put them up on my profile later.
I started spotting on, I think wednesday night I noticed it? So I guess it took time to build up hcg, but still it's strange that the OPK detected it before the HPT.
Really I was going to wait a few days and see if af would come. But I felt so nauseous last night after my hubby left for work. And I feel like I'm starving first thing in the mornings. I'm going to take another one later tonight, just to make sure it's right. I know with #3 I knew I definitely was after taking one in the morning and at night. But the DR office test came out negative, so I had to wait a week or 2 before I went back.
Apparently I was ovulating earlier than I thought, so I must have missed it last cycle because I didn't use an OPK until cd 12 and this cycle I got a +opk on cd10.
I'll put up my pics so you and others could compare.
Hope you get some good news soon!
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Congrats on the BFP!!!
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Back in TWW 1 DPO for me... anyone else?
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I'm 1dpo. Lots of sticky baby dust for us all!!! :)
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