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Concerns, using beta blocker: Propranolol/Inderal

So, I was just prescribed the beta blocker Proranolol (originally I was giving 10mg twice a day, but that lowered my heart too much, so I am taking half that dose twice a day now) for (I believe) anxiety and a slight tachycardia. The doctor (or should I say, nurse practitioner) who prescribed it to me had full knowledge that I am a smoker, and just recently I have found myself dealing with lung "issues", causing me to go into occasional wheezing fits. I was wondering if I should continue taking this medication while I'm experiencing lung problems, or not? I was also wondering what the interactions between Nicotine and Propranolol were (reading the warnings, it advises you not to smoke while taking Proranolol).
I would post this in the "Ask a Pharmacist" forum, if it wasn't for the fact that I am only of 16 years of age.
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