Hi, i have been thinking why will my face never turn red even if i am angry,sad,hot,sweat,shy etc. And it will always look like pale pale. Like no expression on the face and people will think that i am abnormal. Is it inherited? i don't often see my brother blush after playing basketball , but maybe he does who know's and i've never seen my parents blush before. Like i said, who know's? lol why ?? blushing is kinda cute and i've never experience it before, almost all my friends have good complexion and blushing. Is it due to my complexion? HELP ME
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Hi, blushing is blood being drawn to the face and is triggered by many things. Maybe your just a cool person and do well under stress as your body is not triggering the response. Have you ever had you blood pressure tested? If not maybe go to one of those drugstores that has the machine and test it yourself. Just a thought.
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Yeah , my blood pressure is quite high. I guess its due to that. Thanks anyway:)
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