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I am 15 and hump my blanket. Please help me understand this? and is it normal?

Okay, this is sort of hard for me to say.
I am a 15 year old girl and I desperately need some guidance.
Basically; I hump my blanket. It's been happening for years now and I feel terrible. I haven't been doing it as much as I had years ago but I still feel ashamed. I am SO SO SO SO sorry to all those parents out there and to my parents to. I think about telling them but then become to afraid so I don't. I have been reading some posts and just so you all know I  was not and am not being abused. I keep thinking about seeing a councilor about it but become to scared so I don't. I don't remember how or when I found out that what I was doing was called 'humping' but I am ashamed to even type this. I am close to my older sister she is my best friend and I love her too bits but I can't even tell her this. In fact this is the first time I have said/ typed this and reading this out loud seems stupid to me. I've finally decided to get help one way or another even if I have to do it through a computer.
Please help me understand this and also please don't judge me.
God please forgive me.
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Well, perhaps you should have this conversation with your own parents.  
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Like everyone doesn't do something similar to that at your age?

I don't now what sort of upbringing you've had,  or philosophy of life you have,  but I'm not sure your parents even want to know.  I wouldn't.  Some things,  you keep to yourself because they're private,  and as a parent of a child,  I really wouldn't care to know about this behavior and when it occurs.  Not my business.

What you do that is totally in private,  and doesn't affect anyone else,  is no one else's business.  That's one of the joys of being human - you keep some thoughts, and some activities private if you choose to.

Best wishes.
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I do the same thing and I have been doing it since I was a child! but I'm 17 now. When I was younger I was scared that no one else done it but belive me people do it and it's a lot more common than you think! All your doing is pleasuring yourself and that isn't something to be sharing with your parents! as it has been said above it is none of their business I suppose it's just something that you enjoy doing and because you enjoy it you keep doing it. You aren't hurting anyone so there is no need to change what you are doing because it is rather natural. You may also hear a lot about people humping pillows ect humping your blanket isn't anything different so I wouldn't worry!
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Hi! Listen I don't understand why this even worries you. Of course you can tell you sister and even you parents if it reassures you, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with "humping you blanket". Especially when you are a teen and pre-teen you outside sexual organs start to develop. It is completely healthy and normal to start discovering what parts are sensitive, what feels good etc.

Masturbation is different for everyone, the female anatomy is quite unique and different people feel good in different ways. Masturbation in girls is often referred to as "fingering" which stimulates the inside of the vagina, but many girls find that the outside part of the clitoris is most sensitive. So when you "hump" you're stimulating the clitoris, which has a lot of nerves which is why it feels good and can bring you an orgasm. It is a healthy thing to do, for mental and physical health.

Masturbation in girls is very taboo especially in religions which is why you might have been taught that it's shameful. It is not! It's your body and yours only, there's no reason why it would be wrong to know it and do what you want with it. Since it is very personal it is rare for people to talk about it with family, but if you're close to your sister don't worry about telling her. It depends on the state of ming of the people around you of course, but if you have open-minded friends who you trust you could start a conversation about sexuality with them if you want. It often helps realize that you're normal and that most people are just like you!
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It's part of life it's preparing you for the future it's preparing you for the future we all go thru it
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Trust me it’s normal
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They say it is normal and I would not be a shamed of it
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