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Marijuana and Mental Health in Teenagers


I'm 16 and I started using marijuana in july and smoked a few times since then, about five times. Last friday, I smoked with some friends 3 joints, an abnormal amount for a new-comer to the drug or even, discussibly, anyone. I felt really, really bad. Unable to keep myself in reality, I sat on my bathroom for an hour after taking a shower to see if I got any better. It was a complete nightmare. The next day I woke up really lightheaded and without energy. Drank a lot of water and went out biking. The day after that I wasn't perfect, but I was near that. Now I feel normal again.
These symptons seem to be pretty common on people who end up smoking too much weed in a short period of time. So my doubt is, can such "one-night-act" damage one's brain permanently or only by consuming marijuana for years on a regular basis can it be damaged?
Marijuana is almost certain to create barriers to the development of the teenage brain, having that in mind, I'm worried if a simple mistep when consuming it could have damaged me for life. Curiosity was the main reason why I started it, once it got satisfyed, marijuana began to be only a really nice pleasure which I can easily retain myself from if it is capable of impairing some mental capabilities of mine if used while going through teenagehood.

The question: Can that one time irregular consume of the drug damage my brain permanently? How much and how does marijuana damage the teenager's mental development?

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes. English is not my first language.

Thank you.
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