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Missed period and pregnancy problems!! Help!!

Hey everyone,

SO I had sex with my boyfriend recently, for the first time, and we used protection, but before we fully had sex we tried to see if it would fit (he seemed convinced i was too tight), he just (sorry for being so blunt) entered me once, didn't c** and went straight out again. I looked quickly after and didn't seem to notice any pre-c**.

ANYWAY, fast-forward a few weeks and my period was due a few days ago, this isn't the first time it's been late, so it's not as if it's a totally abnormal thing, plus I was really depressed at the beginning of the month, my diet hasn't been too stable, and recently I've been incredibly stressed, obviously the whole question of whether I'm pregnant or not doesn't help.

Questions are: - How likely is it that I could be pregnant?!?! Is it really possible that I could get pregnant from that, I mean he didn't even c**
- What would you do?
- Just general advice would be great thanks! :)
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It's pretty unlikely that you would have gotten pregnant from that experience but it's not impossible. The reason for this is that males have a small amount of fluid that's released before orgasm to lubricate the the urethra, and that fluid can contain sperm.  Anytime you are going to have sexual contact it's important to use protection to limit your chance of becoming pregnant.  How late is your period?  Have you taken a pregnancy test?  That's probably where I'd start.
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This could be what's known as a false pregnancy, since you're worrying about it, your mind is telling you body that it might be pregnant and feeding it the symptoms of a pregnancy, some women even grow a tummy and miss periods for weeks. Just take a pregnancy test and see for yourself. But mainly the only way I see you could have gotten pregnant on that one penetration if you've been for-playing for a while enough to cause him to pre-*** in the beginning
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