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Pap Smear!!

Hey I am 27 and have never had a pap smear done before. I have never been sexually active. My doctors have mentioned a pap smear and I have said I didn't want to have one done. I have been feeling lately like I need to have one done but I am scared and freaking out a little bit. Can anyone tell me how there first pap smear went?
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I believe paps check for cancer in the vagina. There's nothing to be scared about I've had like 4. My first time was a little awkward but nothing that I couldn't deal with. If your so worried about it request a woman to do it. I wouldn't let a guy ever do mine. And just relax the has a vagina too and it's nothing she hasn't seen before. All they do is place a to in your vagina that opens you up so they can see inside and get a sample of your fluids. Some many also do a pelvic exam there they feel around the vagina and they may also do a breast exam. They also may place two fingers in your vagina to do another exam. The last one I had I went to a different health department then I usually go and at the end asked if I wanted to do a prostate exam. I said noway! Lol. She said I dint need it right now noway
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Paps are about the easiest thing in the world, as far as doctor visits go. If you've had sex, there will be no pain. The tube they use is smaller than an average penis, and they only stick it in for about a minute to collect some skin samples (also painless). So it isn't painful. Your doctor will also squeeze your boobs a bit to make sure there are no cancerous lumps, and she'll explain how to check them yourself. That's about all that happens. Then in a week or two you get your results to know if you're ok or if there are any abnormalities in your vaginal or cervical tissues, and as long as your results are normal, you're done until next year.
I actually just had my first one done about three months ago, and I was really nervous too, but it wasn't bad. You'll be fine.
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