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Pregnancy from wiping *** on toilet paper?

Okay, I know this is probably a dumb question but...

A week ago I went to the toilet to take a pee. However, just as I was about to wipe myself clean, I noticed a clear kind of liquid-like substance (presumably ***?) on the toilet seat. It was maybe just a little less than a five cent coin in size. So, I wiped that with the bit of toilet paper in my hand and then hastily folded it over to wipe myself. However, I think a little of the substance may have been uncovered as I wiped myself (which brushed past/on my vagina). Once I realized what it could have been, I quickly grabbed a new piece of toilet paper and wiped it myself again in attempts to get rid of it. I know this sounds weird, but I'm really starting to worry if anything could have happened? (like possible pregnancy??) I've lately been having cramps in my stomach and diarrhea, however I just got off my period about a week before all this happened.

Also, it certainly was not pee as it was kind of sticky and wasn't all cleaned up after I wiped it the first time on the seat.. I'm fairly young, turning 14 next month, but I am extremely worried (its what I do). I don't partake in any sexual activities and such. Also, the only guys I live with are my brother and dad.

Any possibility of pregnancy? I know I'm probably overreacting, but this really has me terrified.
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Hi you did the right thing by getting rid of it , you may have suffered a bit of Anxiety but Please chill , you won't have picked up anything at all
take care & Enjoy your Teens  
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Thankyou for the reassurance! I worry about quite a lot of things, and this just made me worry way too much. Thinking about it more clearly, its seems pretty illogical. Thankyou for your help!
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Hi We are always here to help you , Please relax your Safe ,
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