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Purple Nipples

I have recently noticed when I get out of the shower or change my clothes my nipples are sometimes purple, also my boyfriend has noticed while we are having sexual intercourse and i have never been pregnant. There is no pain in my breast just frequent color change and I usually rub them and they turn back to a peachy regular color. Is there a reason why they might be turning purple?
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yes.when your nipples get aroused they fill with blood.this gives them the purple look.
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okayy. so i kinda habe the same issue. expect, i have a slight bit of chest pain and sometimes my nipples ar really senstive. my nipples seem to always be purple though. when i rube them the go to the normal color but then just go purple again. and i knwo im not pregnant becasue i have my period regualy.what could it be??
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i hav the same thing, but im not sexually active, they just randomly turn purple for no reason. help, im scared.
i have the exact same thing as you- i’m not sexually active and my nipples turn purple a lot, i’m not sure what it is?
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