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Since school will be approaching sooner than we all think(sorry to say), what do you all do to relieve stress?

Also, do you think that you handle stress well?
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I think I handle stress well. I actually get more done when I am stressed. I put a lot of the stress I have on myself. I don't really know how to describe it. I am always going so I don't really think about it.
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I think I do decent, considering. I handle stress by cleaning, writing, talking to others and music. Sometimes doing these together.
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Generally I handle stress really well. Infact I enjoy the pressure of "last minute". I perform better I guess. But generally the way I handle stress is listening to music. Sometimes it's my gave radio show, music on my iPod. Or going on YouTube and searching for a type of music. I also go for walks. Usually I go to a local walking path and put calm music on my iPod very quietly (background music) and just enjoy the nature around me.
The other thing I sometimes do is if I finally get something done and it was stressful and I just need a release I'll try laughing it out. Again I'll go onto YouTube and just look at funny (sometimes cute aswell) videos of things like puppies and babies doing cute/funny things.
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Thank you all for the input. Love seeing the answers.
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would like to see more responses! :)
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